Bad parenting habits you must avoid


Every parent wants to bring up their children in the best way possible. But there are circumstances when they succumb to bad parenting habits due to several reasons. Certain methodologies we use to discipline our children may not be healthy habits. 


1. Avoid using negative words 

When frustrated, one may lose control. Ordinarily, at times like these, parents may end up taking it upon their kids to relieve the stress and work pressure. For instance, assertions like you never do anything right, you are not worthy of any praise, you never score good grades for your academics, etc. may hurt a child’s feelings.

Statements like these can have evoked hatred and resentment within them towards their parents. If you are someone who disseminates negativity while speaking to your child, remember that it is a bad parenting habit you must run away from.   Therefore, a parent must take utmost care to not include any negative words while teaching them the basic etiquette of discipline and good mannerisms. 


2. Do not criticize them constantly 

When your child commits a mistake, warn them not to repeat it and tell them why it is not considered as an accepted trait, act, or quality. If they keep repeating it, chide them and give them small punishments for their age.

Punishing your children despite warning them multiple times is necessary to shape their personality. But constantly criticizing them can degrade their confidence, and bring down their self-esteem. 

3. Do not insult them 

When in a public space, hold back from insulting or teasing them. Chiding your children in front of others will demean their self-assurance. Shaming or reprimanding them in the presence of a social group may induce feelings of insecurity within them.


It is incidents like these that bring about stage fear or other mental health issues like social anxiety disorder. Insulting your child amidst a social gathering is a bad parenting habit you must avoid. 

4. Pay attention to them 

Children are always on the hunt for learning and acquiring knowledge about new aspects of life. As they continue this journey, there are countless things they are curious about. Unlike adults, children don’t hold back from addressing their doubts. As soon as they bring up such questions, pay attention to them and clarify their doubts instantly. Do not disregard them by labeling them as silly or pointless.

If you start denying them, they will repress their curiosity and will eventually stop approaching you. This practice points to bad parenting. Denying your children’s presence will scale up the risk of your child not interacting or socializing with others in the future. Socialization is an important factor when it comes to building relationships and escalating one’s social status. Therefore, lend your ears when a situation demands your patience and presence.

bad parenting

4. Entitlement

Gifting your kids with what they want is always a happy moment that brings joy both to the parents and to the children. A parent must look into the requests their children put forward before buying them. To get things done or to convince parents, children resort to psychological manipulation and stays relentlessly adamant. In situations like these, parents shouldn’t surrender to satisfy every request they make.

On the contrary, if you comply with every meaningless and impractical wish they make, they will get used to achieving things in life without putting much effort into it. This will affect their patience and work efficiency in the future. Moreover, they will never understand the value of money. Therefore, teach how valuable money is and how hard it is to earn a living. This will inspire them to work hard and become independent in the future. 


5. Do not compare your child with others 

Do not indulge in comparing your children with other kids or siblings. The intention behind this act would be to help your child master new skills or perform well in all aspects of life, namely academics, life skills, sports, and arts. But it may not deliver its purpose with utmost efficiency.

The mistake here points to the method of conveying the message. Though the problem here may seem trivial, the impact on the child could be huge. Similarly, there are other bad parenting habits people unconsciously incorporate during the upbringing of their children. 

Conclusion Parenting plays a huge role in shaping a child’s personality and future. Imparting moral values and behavioral etiquettes lays down the foundation for the exemplary upbringing of your child. As a good parent, one must stay away from bad parenting habits and should start inculcating effective parenting techniques. 

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