How to take care of your child’s mental health


People across the globe are suffering from various mental health issues these days. On the first note, people take time to understand the graveness of being mentally ill. In addition to this, it’s difficult to figure out what situation you are going through when everything around you seems lifeless, dry, depressing, and confusing. This vagueness lets you interrogate yourself as to whether you are a victim of any mental illness. By the time you figure it out, the condition would have worsened. 


Role of a parent 

Mental illness can hit a person despite the age group. Children to adults these days are victims of this disease. Children these days are subjected to constant pressure and tension to perform well in their academics as well as extra-curricular activities. This is where a parent’s role comes into play.

Parents must act as pillars of moral support to encourage and motivate their kids from time to time. Lend them your ears to discuss their problems and daily life struggles. Apart from these, follow some effective tips to boost their mental health. 


1. Don’t miss the playtime 

Encourage your children to play regularly. Parents must make a schedule in such a way that the children get to spend time playing both the outdoor games as well as the indoor games. Playing out in the sun gives them the daily dose of adrenaline and vitamin D.

Moreover, staying connected to playing a sport, say badminton, cricket, or football will boost their energy and decrease their stress levels. Playing indoor games is important at the same time. Playing board games and puzzles will challenge your kids intellectually and is the ideal choice one can consider opting to boost the child’s IQ.  

2. Plan vacations 

As an adult, haven’t you thought of taking a break from the hectic life schedules and run away from reality? This applies to the kids as well. Children will also get tired of attending school, tuition, and academic exams. To drift away from this monotonous life, plan out a weekend or long vacation trip to relax and enjoy.


This will help you and your children rejuvenate their energy and start afresh. Vacations are perfect solutions to boost one’s brain by reinstating their mood, happiness, and energy.  

play with your child - best friend

3. A positive environment to live in 

More than a place where one seeks accommodation, a home must be a place where children look forward to coming back to, a place where love and peace prevails. To satisfy the same, parents must ensure to create a positive environment for the children to live in. In addition to this, express your care and love, so that the children feel secure enough to share their opinions, problems, and feelings.

Congratulate your kids on their success and motivate them to not give up when they feel emotionally down. This way, they will come back to you to seek help and support whenever they go through a difficult phase in their life. Creating a safe, positive, and happy place to live in is a crucial factor to ensure your children’s mental stability.  


4. Spend time with pets 

‘I wouldn’t have felt loneliness if I had siblings or friends to play with’. This thought would have crossed the minds of millions of children who do not have any siblings. It wouldn’t be practically possible for the working parents to spend time with their children the entire day.

In situations like these, buying your child a pet to play with is well-appreciated as an ideal choice. Apart from fighting loneliness, spending time with pets can bring down the levels of cortisol and bring a hike in the levels of serotonin. The release of this hormone can enhance the overall mood of a person. 


5. Good physical health 

Maintaining a well-balanced diet, exercising regularly, and improving the quality of sleep are few elementary things one must keep a check on to ensure one’s physical health. As you all know, health is wealth. The well-being of your body also affects your mental health.

Therefore, parents must make sure that their children eat healthy meals on time, sleep well during the night as well as are engaged in some sort of physical activity daily.  


Amidst this huge battle of fighting mental health, never let your children wander alone. They may drift apart from you and will eventually stumble on the way forward.  Instead, stay beside them as their parent, mentor, and more than anything, a best friend.  

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