Tips for developing reading habits in your child


Reading enhances an individual’s communication, writing, and creative skills. Moreover, it gives you the creative freedom to visualize the storyline compared to watching a movie or a series. The perks of reading are many. From gaining knowledge to developing language skills, reading habits help individuals shape their bright prospects. 


1. Set an example to them 

Children learn and grow from what they see and hear. Therefore, the best way to develop healthy habits like reading in your children is by setting yourself as a good example. When you read a book or a magazine, read in front of them. They will be curious to explore what you do and will gradually start imitating you. If your influence is a given fact, why not utilize this opportunity to instill reading habits in your kids. 

2. Create a reading space 

The little things that you do can grab your kid’s attention. Every act you perform is closely observed and scrutinized by your children. Therefore to create a positive and delightful feeling about reading, make a separate corner in your house solely for reading. Furnish this corner with a cozy couch, a blanket, soft-yielding cushions, and fairy lights. Upon seeing you reading books in this aesthetic space, your kids will connect reading with warmth, coziness, and happiness. 


3. Visit library often 

Go to public libraries and let your kids tag along with you. On reaching there and seeing a wide variety of bookshelves and books, they will be excited to choose different books to read. Colorful and vivid books will attract their young minds triggering them to read. Thereby, you are helping your child develop reading habits. 

4. Let your kids chose what to read. 

As mentioned before, plan and schedule weekend outings to the libraries. Once you reach there, give your kids the autonomy to choose the books they wish to read, magazines, short stories, novels, or comics. Introduce to them the wide range of genres available in the respective libraries. The freedom and independence to choose and read the books on their bucket list will encourage them to visit the libraries often. It will ignite healthy habits and hobbies like reading and writing in your children. 

5. Read aloud the stories. 

Grab a book and sit beside your children with a jar of cookies or brownies. Start reading your story aloud. It will trigger curiosity within your child. They will be eager to know what you are reading with much fascination and exhilaration. Then start narrating the story you are reading in a rhythmic way that will keep hold of your child’s eagerness and attention. Keep up this practice, and you will see how excited your children will be each time you start reading. Reading aloud the stories to your children is one of the healthy habits you can incorporate into your daily lives. 


6. Make reading a daily routine. 

Spend an hour each day reading. No matter how busy you are, schedule separate timing for reading with your kids. With time your kids will get habituated to the new practice. Once they develop interest, they will start reminding you about the reading time. You will be amazed and happy to see how things turn around over time. 

7. Narrate bedtime stories 

While planning bedtime rituals include the narration of bedtime stories. The stories will keep lingering in the young minds of your kids, and they will be eager to know what happened next or how the story ends. When they express the urge to figure out the storyline and plot, show them the books you read and direct them to the various genres where they can find similar stories. It is a sneaky way to develop reading habits in your children. 


Never force your child to read a particular literary text. Any activity, when done under pressure, will leave feelings of hatred and disinterest. Therefore plan and execute the tactics mentioned above to get your child in line with reading habits.


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