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Things to Pack for Labor and Delivery Day


Preparing for labor and delivery day is an exciting and crucial step for expectant parents. Ensuring that you have all the necessary items packed can alleviate stress and help you focus on the upcoming journey into parenthood. In this article, we’ll guide you through a comprehensive list of things to pack for labor and delivery day. We understand the significance of this day, and our expert recommendations are designed to provide you with comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.

Packing Essentials for Labor and Delivery Day

1. Hospital Documentation and Identification

It’s crucial to have your identification, insurance cards, and any hospital paperwork readily available. Keep them in a folder to ensure a smooth check-in process.

2. Birth Plan

If you have a birth plan, bring a copy to share with your healthcare team. This helps them understand your preferences and priorities during labor.

3. Comfortable Clothing

Pack loose and comfortable clothing to wear during labor. Choose items that are easy to move in and can accommodate monitoring equipment.

4. Snacks and Drinks

Labor can be a lengthy process, and having nutritious snacks and drinks can provide you with the energy you need to stay strong.

5. Toiletries

Pack travel-sized toiletries, including a toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, and any personal care items you prefer.

6. Phone and Charger

Stay connected with loved ones and capture precious moments by having your phone and charger on hand.

7. Entertainment

Bring items to keep you occupied during downtime, such as books, magazines, or a tablet.

8. Supportive Shoes

Slippers or comfortable shoes with good grip can be helpful for walking during labor or moving around the hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I pack my bag before my due date?

A: Absolutely! It’s recommended to have your bag ready by around 36 weeks, just in case.

Q:Should I pack items for my partner as well?

A:Yes, include essentials like snacks, a change of clothes, and entertainment for your partner.

Q: Will the hospital provide toiletries for me?

A:While some hospitals may provide basic toiletries, having your preferred items can make you feel more comfortable.

Q:How many sets of baby clothes should I pack?

A:Pack a few different sizes and layers to accommodate potential temperature changes.

Q: Can I bring my own music to play during labor?

A: Check with your hospital, as many provide music options, but having your playlist ready is a great idea.

Q What if I need items that are not on my list during labor?

A: Don’t worry! Hospitals are well-equipped to provide you with any additional items you might need.


Preparing for labor and delivery day with a well-packed hospital bag can make the experience smoother and more comfortable. By following our expert recommendations and including all the essentials, you’ll be better prepared to welcome your new addition to the family. Remember, every expectant parent’s journey is unique, so tailor your bag to your individual needs. Congratulations on this exciting chapter of your life!


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