All About the Effects of Blue Light on the Skin

We all have witnessed how life has changed ever since the digital era came into play. Usage of digital devices in each household increased in the past two years, with the onset of COVID-19 and its aftermath (online classes and work from home). Though we are getting adapted to the new normal, there are certain factors that we often forget to ponder upon yet deteriorate the quality of our lifestyle. One such significant issue that we all must be aware of is the effect of blue light on the skin. 


What is Blue Light 

Before getting into the effect of blue light on the skin, let us try to understand what blue light is all about. Electronic devices like computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and laptops, to name a few, emit blue light from their screens. There are several sources for the emission of blue light. Blue light, the highest energy color of the visible spectrum we see and the one with a short wavelength, is emitted from the sun’s rays. A significant amount of it is also given off from the screens of digital devices. But why should you be careful of blue light? What are the side effects of being overly exposed to blue light? The following passages will give you insight into why and how you should protect yourself from the blue light. 

Does Blue Light Affect the Skin? 


The increased pace of aging can be scary. Healthy and young-looking skin is a dream and priority for many out there. From hyperpigmentation to premature aging, the effect of blue light on the skin can be detrimental. Compared to the amount of blue light emitted by the sun, electronic devices only give off a small fraction of blue light. But the problem arises due to the long-term exposure to low levels of blue light emission. 

Why is Blue Light Bad for your Skin? 

On exposure to blue light, our skin cells absorb these emissions with the aid of a chemical named flavin. As a result of this reaction, unstable oxygen molecules are produced. These free radicals make holes in the collagen and thus cause damage to the skin. The impact is more evident on skin with color. Research studies state that one primary reason for hyperpigmentation in the skin with medium to dark colors is blue light exposure. Not only do they cause hyperpigmentation, but premature aging, swelling, early wrinkling, and redness are a few other damages they can bring forth.  Also, Read: Top Benefits of Using cleanser and Toner for your Face

A Complete Blue Light Skincare Routine 

So here comes the most important question! What are the potential measures one can take to prevent the harsh effects of blue light on the skin? 

  • One best and simplest way is to reduce screen time. Schedule your day in advance and limit your time on social media platforms. 
  • If you have not been using sunscreen, start using it. Applying sunscreen should be considered a must-do on your daily to-do list. To protect your screen from blue light emissions, go for mineral sunscreens with ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium oxide. The FDA approved these two components ( U.S. Food and Drugs Administration), hence regarded as safe and effective. Applying such mineral sunscreens will prevent the blue light from penetrating deep into the skin.  Also, Read: 7 Best Natural Skin Whitening Foods

While the above two methods help you prevent any potential damage that could happen to the skin due to the blue light emissions, the ones listed below will help you improve your skin health from the damage already caused by the exposure to these emissions.

  • To fight back the damage to the skin caused by oxidative stress, one can use products rich in antioxidants like vitamin C. 
  • Apart from applying face serum rich in antioxidants, keep a hydrating moisturiser beside you. Prolonged screen time can cause your skin to become dry, further leading to a dull complexion. Therefore as part of your blue light skincare, apply moisturiser every now and then to hydrate your skin,
  • Under-eye cream is another essential skin care product you must include in your skincare routine. The delicate skin under the eye can wear out while spending hours in front of your electronic devices. Applying an under-eye cream can relieve all those fine lines and wrinkles under your eyes.  
  • Apart from all these skincare products, drink plenty of water and eat food rich in antioxidants for healthy and young-looking skin.   

Sources of blue light in our households are many. The exposure to it is way too much, predominantly in recent times, since we have been staying indoors and stuck with work from home for quite a time now. Rooting out the major problem may not be possible since digital devices in the present time play a significant role. Be it career, studies, watching movies, or anything, we are too dependent on electronic devices. So what we do instead is follow the preventive measures while being exposed to blue light to reduce its aftermath on our skin. Spare some time and go the extra mile to treat your skin with love. Following the tips and measures for blue light skincare will help you keep a check on your skin and overcome the challenges you may face in the long run.  



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