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How to Prevent Suicidal Thoughts?

Many of us would have come across challenging situations where we thought suicide was the only option to get away from the struggles. Perhaps, some would still be going through distressing experiences these days. To have these suicidal thoughts when in unbearable pain is not a character defect; neither are you crazy nor weird to have them. When you lack enough coping skills to fight the battle of struggles and depression, you end up having suicidal thoughts. But with the assistance of mental and emotional support, one can recuperate the courage to face life with all might.

Think of Solutions

Realize, suicide is never a solution. It’s only a way of putting an end to everything. You may or may not have tried to resolve it, but it’s not always the end. If you haven’t tried to find a solution yet, get your hands on identifying the problems. List out everything that bothers you and work on a solution for each of them. Despite doing all these, if you are still stuck on page 1, don’t give up yet. There are several other ways to battle your suicidal thoughts. Also, Read: Top Tips on How to Improve Mental Strength

Self Care

Do you know how important self-care is? Treat yourself the way you treat your loved and dear ones. Eat a healthy diet, sleep well, set apart time for your hobbies, exercise daily, and express gratitude. Good physical health is essential to maintain good mental health. Being physically healthy will help you prevent having suicidal thoughts.

Think of Reasons to Live 

Suicidal thoughts come into play when you feel low, lonely, and depressed. Your line of thought will be negative and indeed painful during such situations. So, when depressed, try to think of moments that have made you happy in the past. Retrospecting the good old memories will fill your mind with happiness. If not, list out things that make you happy; it could be your career goals, achievements, your relationships with loved ones, spending time with your pets, etc.

Express your Feelings

Bottling up your feelings can bring forth suicidal thoughts. So, speak your mind and share your feelings and thoughts with your family members, friends, mentor, or anyone you are close with. It will relieve your stress and makes you feel less lonely. Also, Read: An Expert Recommend Ways for Improving Mental Health

Seek Medical Help 

If you are bothered by anxiety, stress, depression, or other mental health issues, seek help from mental health specialists, psychiatrists, and psychologists. They will help you get better with treatments and mental support. 

Take Medications on Time 

If you have been consulting a doctor already and taking medications, ensure to follow through with your prescriptions. Follow up on how impactful the medications were and consult your doctor immediately if your conditions get any worse.

Avoid Triggers 

Some instances instill your mind with unwanted suicidal thoughts. It could be while talking to someone, going to some places, or drunk. Avoid all such situations that fill you with the urge to suicide. Avoiding these triggers is the best way to prevent suicidal thoughts.

Follow a Routine 

Come up with a daily routine and stick to it. Have a regular wake-up and bedtime. Schedule your activities for the day prior and keep up with them. Following a routine significantly when you are caught up with negative suicidal thoughts will help weed away such feelings by bringing proper structure to your life.

Once you start having thoughts about suicide, you may feel there is no way back. But it isn’t very reasonable to think this way. With the support from your loved ones and medical help from professionals, your struggles, sorrow, pain, and depression will fade away with time. Live in the present, and don’t let worries about your future ruin the beauty of the day. 

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