How to start a conversation from today itself (6 ways).

Do you wonder how to start a conversation with new people or even strangers? Then this blog is for you. Communication is a process by which people interact with one another to share information, ideas, or knowledge. To human beings, the need for communication is as fundamental as their need to eat and drink. People possess an intense desire to get to know each other and to be aware of what’s happening around them every day. Human beings are social animals and they always look forward to engaging in conversations with one another to share their feelings, emotions, and perspectives about various subject matters.

Communication is an integral part of one’s life and is regarded as a key parameter that satisfies a human being’s physical and emotional needs. Communication is the underlying factor that upholds a society. Just like the way an individual cannot survive without communication; society can’t function properly without smooth communication.
The first impression is the best. To leave a good impression on the people we meet for the first time, one should always make the best conversations with them.

Wondering how to start a conversation?

Following are some basic things to be kept in mind to have an excellent conversation with people.

1. The body speaks louder than words-

How to start a conversation without even initiating a talk? Your body language plays a major role in leaving an impact on other’s mind. Body language plays a significant role while starting a conversation with someone. This includes one’s facial expressions, body posture, and gestures. Not knowing a particular language to communicate with, is a strong barrier that hinders the flow of smooth communication. But despite the language proficiency, there are a set of common signs and symbols that people use to encode and decode messages. Learning body language hacks can help you in maintaining a good impression.

Facial expressions for distinct emotions like happiness, surprise, sadness, anger, excitement, and disappointment is the same for all cultures. Being expressive indicates a sense of involvement and interest. This makes the speaker and the listener feel special and important. To ensure this, one should always maintain proper eye contact and good body posture, for the body speaks louder than words.

Leaning on the wall or slouching down in the chair indicates that you are no longer interested in continuing the conversation. To avoid this, one should sit or stand in an erect position. This will make you look more confident and enthusiastic.

How to start a conversation with people from today itself: 6 ways to leave an impact.

2. Break the ice-

Facing trouble to initiate a conversation with someone is nothing unusual. This is where icebreakers come into play. Framing good phrases or a set of questions to know someone would be beneficial to keep the conversation going. This can be anything like “Where do you come from”, “What are your hobbies”, “Which is your favourite sport”, etc.

According to Dennis McCann, communication is a process that increases commonality, but also requires elements of commonality for it to occur at all. Getting to know common interest is one of the main answers to how to start a conversation as well as continuing the talk for a longer period. So, while having a conversation with someone, getting to know your areas of common interest is crucial. This will make it easier to get acquainted with the other person.

3. Be a good listener-

Having a conversation with someone is not a one-way process. It is a two-way process. Communication is a systematic process that includes both the speaker and the listener. People are often excited to talk about their experiences and brag about their achievements. Being a good listener and not just talking about yourself is another important thing when it comes to how to start a conversation. But this will leave the other person inert. Listening is as important as speaking. Make it a practice to not interrupt the other while speaking. This will leave a bad impression on you and is often considered rude behaviour.

Apart from this, make sure you listen and not hear them. You would be wondering what the difference is. Hearing is the mere act of perceiving the sound and external noise by the ears while listening refers to the effort taken by an individual to consciously process and interpret the meaning of the words and sentences uttered by the speaker. The latter requires concentration while the former does not.

Also, when you are listening to the other person, nod your head now and then to affirm and agree with their point of view. This will let the speaker know that you are truly interested in what they are talking about. Thereby it will help you make a remarkable conversation.

How to start a conversation with people from today itself: 6 ways to leave an impact.

4. Memorise the information shared-

Memorising certain information that the person had told you during the first meet-up, like the name of the person, their native place, or their favourite TV shows will be helpful to catch up with them, the next time you meet. This is another strategy one should think of while talking to someone. Being a good observer and memorising the information shared is the answer when it comes to how to start a conversation while a second meetup.

This will help to avoid a directionless chit chat and will further enhance the quality of conversation made. Memorising these details may seem nothing extraordinary, but it plays a significant role in improvising the conversation with a person and thereby the relationship between them.

5. Don’t judge-

Humans in general are judgemental in nature. We possess a high tendency to judge someone knowingly or unknowingly. During a conversation, if there happens to be a contradictive perspective, never judge the other based on it. Be courteous enough to respect their point of view. Give respect to get respect.

6. End the conversation well-

Ending a conversation is as important as starting a conversation. Do not end the interaction abruptly. One must follow three basic steps to end a conversation. After stating a legit reason like having an appointment or the need to go somewhere, refer to meet up soon in the future and then bid goodbye. This is a polite way to exit a conversation. Being polite while exiting a meeting leaves a good impact on the person and this is another important thing while answering how to start a conversation.


I hope your question of How to start a conversation with people or complete strangers have been answered. The ability to communicate well with someone is a basic skill that everyone should possess. Improving conversation skills and etiquette is a crucial part of one’s social life. One must think of all the above mention key points while initiating a conversation with a stranger and developing a relationship with an acquaintance.

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