Internet Addiction and Self Care Tips

Thanks to the invention of the Internet, we can still build networks and connect with our loved ones even during COVID-19. Thanks to the Internet, we can easily google and seek information for the assignments and projects assigned at school. Thanks to the Internet, we can watch our favorite movies and web series online. Thanks to the Internet, more people are earning a passive income through blogging, vlogging, and digital marketing. The list goes on and on. We all know how the invention of the Internet has changed the way we live.

Self-Care Tips

But over time, usage of the Internet can lead to internet addiction. It is neither good for your physical health nor emotional well-being. Internet addiction can degrade our lifestyle quality in ways we may not even realize. Therefore incorporating specific self-care tips are essential to combat internet addiction.

1. Keep Phones Out of your Reach When you Sleep

Quality of sleep is a crucial factor determining your lifestyle’s quality. A good night’s sleep ensures an excellent productive day at work or school. But most of us are seen watching movies or playing games right before we sleep. Some of us even put ourselves to sleep reading e-books etc. But did you know that the screens of these digital devices emit a blue light which may cause visual impairments like blurry vision, eye strain, dry eye, and macular degeneration? It can interrupt a person’s sleep cycle. So, one best way to bring down your internet addiction is to keep your phones out of your reach while sleeping. Persuade yourselves not to use smartphones and other digital devices at least 2 hours before you get down to sleep. Also, Read: Proven Daily Habits to Improve Life

2. Schedule your Day

We all know how advancements in technology keep us updated about everything around us. Humans are all innately curious, and it is linked with our interest to learn and seek information. So it’s no wonder that we spend hours glaring at our Instagram feed, catching up on the updates around the world. Scheduling your day while using social media apps can reduce your aimless use of the Internet.

3. Find Alternative Ways to Spend your Free Time

When bored or after completing an assigned task, be it studies, work, or household chores, we often spend time watching our favorite anime or web series. Some others might scroll through their Instagram feed. While those who like to play games spend time playing them. We use the Internet to reward or entertain ourselves in various ways. Well, there could be other ways to spend your free time. You can cultivate a new hobby, read books, exercise, meditate, go for a nature walk, meet your friends and relatives in person, etc. It will help you prevent internet addiction and use your time healthily and productively.

4. Install Apps to Limit Social Media Usage

Thanks to technology, one can install applications to block certain social media apps that distract you the most when you work or are involved in something meaningful. Other applications help you track the amount of time you spend on each social media app and change it by limiting your screen time. Use technology to beat technology. Apps like Offtime, Moment, Flipd, Freedom, App block, Self-control, Cold Turkey are a few examples. Also, Read: Top Tips on How to Keep Mind Fresh and Happy

5. Uninstall the Unnecessary Apps

One reason for internet addiction could be spending time on unnecessary apps. Remove the unnecessary apps from your phone. If you feel like you are spending too much time on particular apps like Instagram,  Facebook, WhatsApp, or YouTube, take a social media detox for a particular period until you regain self-control to use it with order and discipline.

One may fall prey to internet addiction while enjoying the endless services it offers. We may not even realize that we are going through the phase of internet addiction. Therefore, right from the start, when you begin to use the Internet or log into social media platforms, take the preventive measures you can to limit its usage. 

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