11 signs you are emotionally repressed


Want to find out if you are emotionally repressed? Read the blog to find- signs you are emotionally repressed or not. Do you bottle up your emotions rather than letting them find a way out?  If you are one among them who suppress the way you feel, it’s high time that you find a solution to deal with it. 

Ever wondered why you do so? This is because people revolve around a set of misconceptions. Few such aspects include the lack of confidence to express, the misapprehension that others would criticize you for the outburst of emotions and even the fear of others getting hurt can force a person to hide their feelings. But this will not only end up hurting you but will also lead to larger consequences in the future.  

1. A bottle of dry ice 

The easiest way to comprehend the graveness of digging up a deep abyss and letting oneself hide in is by comparing a bottle of dry ice with the life of a person who bottles up their emotions and feelings.  A plastic bottle filled with dry ice and water will explode after a while due to the sublimation of solid carbon dioxide. Similarly, a person who suppresses their feelings will explode like the aforesaid plastic bottle.  Therefore, people must acknowledge the importance of expressing rather than repressing them.  

2. You hate being asked how you feel 

Have you ever felt annoyed when others ask you about your feelings? This happens when you are mentally not ready to open up with people who are concerned about you.  Either it is because of the fear of being judged by others or you simply believe that’s none of their business to get indulged with your life. This is one of the signs you are emotionally repressed.


11 signs you are emotionally repressed

3. Lack of Emotional intimacy 

If you are a person who restrains yourself from expressing who you truly are, it’s likely that you lack emotional intimacy. It becomes way more difficult than you think to get emotionally connected with others around you. You will find it very hard to build up and nurture a meaningful relationship and this is one of the many signs you are emotionally repressed. Being emotionally connected with a person urges you to confront your true feelings regarding anything. Therefore, you eventually tend to run away to avoid being vulnerable.  

4. Two-faced 

A person who often represses their emotions possesses a high tendency to behave differently around others when compared to the way they behave when they are by themselves. This can be due to various reasons. As a child, you might have been taught to control your laughter to not portray yourself as someone who is insane or to control the way you cry, so that others don’t mock you for being a touch-me-not. Having manifested these misconceptions at a very young age can eventually shape you into a person who holds back their feelings. But this does no good to anyone, neither you nor to the people around you. 


5. Denial as a defense mechanism 

Repressing the way, a person feels can be explained using the psychological defence mechanism termed as ‘Abnegation’ or ‘Denial’ hypothesised by Sigmund Freud (Psychoanalyst) wherein he suggests that people reject basic facts about themselves despite knowing that it’s true because the fact is too overwhelming or uncomfortable. When people deny their problems, they either use it as an excuse to run away from reality or they lack the courage to talk it out and find a solution. 

6. Hold grudges with others 

We often get disappointed with others’ actions. Either we talk it out or let the anger out. Refusing to do either of them is the same as being unable to deal with our emotions. Withholding these feelings to avoid a small conflict can later create unexpected consequences. Restraining yourself from having an open conversation especially after a fight will leave lingering grudges in your mind. Neither will you be able to forgive them nor will you be able to forget the incident. 


11 signs you are emotionally repressed

7. Self-destructive behavior

Not being able to let go of the emotions can gradually make you feel frustrated. And this sign indicates, which is one of the most important signs you are emotionally repressed. Instead of focusing the energy on expressing these feelings, one will tend to divert the focus of energy by indulging in other activities, namely binge eating, excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs, compulsive activities like gaming, gambling, or even binge-watching TV shows.

These may seem more like an escape from reality, for the meanwhile rather than perceiving it as self-destructive behavior. But later, continuing such self-destructive behavior can make you feel disconnected from others and yourself.  

8. Extreme mood swings 

Can you recall any incident that happened in your life, where you could not stop crying or couldn’t deal with the sudden outburst of your rage? If you can think of any, it is a sign that you are repressing strong emotions. No matter how intense the feelings are, despite withholding them for long, they will eventually come out in an unhealthy and problematic manner. It’s very important to take them out, making these important signs you are emotionally repressed.


11 signs you are emotionally repressed

9. Unable to express opinions 

There are situations when a person chooses to get along with others in a context, even though they hold different opinions on a particular subject matter. They often fail to express what they want and what they need. This can let others make use of you by forcing upon their opinions on you and thereby take you for granted. The inability to communicate and set boundaries will let others trespass your personal and emotional space. This is a mere signs you are emotionally repressed.

10. Unable to empathise with others 

Emotional repression may affect your ability to understand the way others feel. You tend to become ignorant when they let you know their feelings. This is because neither can you empathise nor can you sympathise with others. Since you never express your honest feelings, you fail to comprehend other’s feelings too. 

11. You are always just fine 

Ordinarily, people get overwhelmed in situations when they have to face a lot of people all at once, be it doing a presentation in front of the class or taking a seminar. Other instances would be, students feeling nervous when their annual exams are right around the corner or they are excited when they go for a school trip. But, for a person who represses their emotions, they seem fine all the time.

They will neither be excited nor will they be overwhelmed. Because of this nature and attitude, people around them often address them as someone calm and relaxed. If you are one among those who are non-receptive to your feelings, it’s evident that you are trying to hide your emotions. And this is one of the important signs you are emotionally repressed.


Emotional repression can be due to many reasons, namely a childhood trauma, or having trust issues with people. But make sure to remember that, as long as you think, the perfect solution to solve problems is by running away from them rather than facing them, you are making an excuse instead of resolving the problems and hurdles you come across. Letting out your emotions is the only solution. Therefore realize and acknowledge the fact that repressing can only hurt you while expressing will help you relieve the stress and pain you suffer from.  

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