5 popular exercises that most people perform incorrectly


People across the world have started their fitness journey having realised how important it is to stay fit and strong. With the restrictions, the lockdown rules have set before us, an ample percent of the population start off their fitness journey right from their home, being unable to go to a gym or get trained by a professional. With the rising number of Youtubers and influencers posting vlogs on how to master the fitness exercises, it has become easier for us to learn and practise them. 


Are you one among them who have started your fitness journey but are confused if you are doing it the right way? Here, we have listed a common set of exercises that you might have been doing wrong or the chances to do so are high.


These exercises are simple to perform and will benefit you in various ways if done in the right way. Lunges target the muscle groups of abdominals, gluteal and back muscles. They help to tone your body shape, namely your butt, legs and core. Apart from toning your lower muscles, they will improve your range of motion and body posture. The most common mistake people tend to commit while doing exercise is letting their knees go over their toes while they lunge forward. This can shift the focus to other muscle groups and you may not get the desired results. To avoid this mistake, ensure that you don’t lean too much forward or backwards.



These are highly recommended exercises for engaging the abdominal muscles. While engaging the core you get to feel the tightness in the abdomen. This is the key factor you must pay attention to. Make sure to engage your core instead of bringing your head too close to the chest. This is a mistake widely seen among beginners. In addition to this people also share a high tendency to lift their shoulder blades too high. Repeating these mistakes will not tone up your muscles in the lower belly, but instead you will experience neck pain gradually. To avoid these two common mistakes, while performing the exercise you should practise to keep your arms behind the head rather than keeping them at the back of your neck. Additionally, keep a check on the gap between your chin and the chest. As you lift your body, don’t let this gap become too close.


Young woman doing squats with fitness loop band isolated on white background

Squat is a popular exercise aimed at building the strength of lower muscles as well as the core. Apart from strengthening the lower muscle groups, these exercises serves the purpose of burning your calories if done in the correct way. Commonly made mistakes while doing squats include the nature of sitting back while lowering your body and buckling your knees inward. Making a mistake either way can take off pressure from the quad muscles. Recognising these mistakes and correcting them at the earliest is very important. To rectify this, you can use a chair to limit the tendency to sit back. This will help you correct the posture while doing squats.  


Plank Exercises
Plank Exercises

Otherwise known as the front hold or abdominal bridge, plank is an isometric core strengthening exercise with a body posture much similar to a push up. While doing this exercise, the entire body weight is balanced on forearms, elbows and toes for the maximum time possible. While engaging the core, some people forget to breathe. Each time you exhale, make it a practice to contract your core muscles. In other cases, trainees usually lift their butts too much, usually more than required. While doing a plank, maintaining a balanced body posture is very important. Therefore, to make it easier for you to practice planks in the correct way, you can lift up your body after lying on the floor. 


Dead Bug 

These are yet another set of popular core exercises. The primary aim is to engage the core while extending your arms and legs. But rather than focusing on engaging the core, practitioners’ focus gets diverted to extending their legs and arms. This will drive away your attention from stabilizing your core and thereby makes it less challenging.  Even though you go easy on controlling the motion of the legs and arms, remember to engage your core each time you do it. In a way you will progress with expected results.   

Get started off on the right foot!

The need to master the basic body weight exercises before getting into the much-complicated ones is important. But not doing them in the correct manner can cause physical injuries instead of making you fit. So, getting started on the right foot is important to reap maximum benefits out of it. Do let us know your favourite exercises

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