8 tips to improve your healthy living strategy


Over the recent few months, we have come to acknowledge how important it is to stay healthy.  To mitigate the misery the pandemic has caused, the entire nation is fighting with prolonged efforts and new rational strategies. Despite all the measures put forth, why not make a conscious effort to start planning on how to shape up a healthy lifestyle ahead. We only wake up to disease threats when we get affected by it. And once we get back to the normal state with positive well-being, we tend to continue travelling on the same path that made us pay a huge price for life. Who doesn’t wish to live healthy life? Life isn’t to be taken for granted and to protect it with utmost care holds profound significance in the present scenario. Still, puzzled about how to figure it out? Listed here are 8 practical ways to improve your healthy living strategy.  


1. To-do list 

Prepare a to-do list before starting a day. Doing this will inspire you to effectuate all the activities listed in the schedule. This can be anything like a firm decision to not skip your morning walks, sparing a few minutes to read daily, or even spending some time pampering your pets. At the end of the day, having known that you have fulfilled all the responsibilities of the day, not only gives you a sense of accomplishment but will also motivate you to strive hard to complete the day-to-day chores with the highest degree of efficiency. This can in turn incite happiness and thereby improve your mental health. A well sound mental health is as important as an individual’s physical health.

2. Drink plenty of water.

Healthy lifestyle

Make it a practice to drink water early in the morning. As we all know the human body is composed of 60 percent of water. This water composition in the body is responsible for various functions like digestion, absorption, creation of saliva, and much more. This points out the prime reason why drinking plenty of water is important. Drinking 8 glasses of water every day is highly recommended and keeps us healthy. Intake of water greater than the aforesaid quantity is well appreciated. From flushing out the harmful toxins in our body, keeping yourself hydrated not only improves the skin complexion but also ensures the smooth functioning of all external and internal organs in the body. Apart from this, drinking plenty of water helps you live longer life


3. Minimize the consumption of sugar

Sugar may not result in any direct negative effect on one’s physical health. But it can lead to an end number of diseases, namely heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc. It is advisable to minimize the consumption of sugar, say like cutting down the addition of sugar from your morning coffee or tea. Those who can’t cut down on sweets completely can revert to starting by substituting sugar with honey. Honey is richer in fructose than glucose in comparison with sugar. Since fructose is sweeter than glucose, one needn’t add a large amount of honey to satisfy the sweetness required. Moreover, honey, being rich in vitamins and minerals, offers other health benefits, unlike sugar. If you look forward to live longer life, cut down on sugar as much as possible.

4. Short frequent meals

Ordinarily, we eat our meals three times a day, namely breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But instead, one can divide the meals into multiple numbers of smaller servings and have them every two to three hours. Eating slowly and frequently will help you a lot to manage your weight. Having a meal plan and preparing the meals for the day ahead of time will also be beneficial to keep a check on the calorie intake and thereby control the weight gain and maintain a healthy balance. 

5. Don’t sit for a long while 

Don’t sit for a long while. This may sound very absurd. This is a very common mistake seen among an ample percent of the population. In this high-tech world, a large number of people work in the corporate environment. 9 to 5 jobs keep them engaged with their work in the office for nearly the entire day.  Amidst the workload, one may forget to take enough breaks and may end up sitting before their laptops or computer throughout office time. Let me remind you of some harsh realities. Sitting for a long period can increase the chances of heart diseases, elevate your blood pressure and gain abdominal fat. Moreover, it can increase the stress on your neck muscles and spine. Apart from all this, there exists a high chance to get affected by DVT (Deep vein thrombosis), blood clots in the leg. 


To avoid these aforementioned after effects, it is advisable to walk around the office cabin or your workplace every two hours. Doing physical activity as simple as walking will increase the blood circulation through the veins as prevention is better than cure. Avoid sitting for a long while and thus live longer life

6. Exercise 

Don’t let your body cells wear out. Exercising daily has multiple advantages. It increases the blood circulation throughout the body and thereby improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues. Moreover, an individual who spends a considerable amount of time exercising possesses a healthy cardiovascular system with lower blood pressure and regulated blood sugar levels. Apart from all this, working out will help you burn out the excess fat in the body and keeps you physically and mentally fit and healthy. 

7. A nutrient-rich and balanced diet 

Healthy diet
Healthy diet

Having a nutrient-rich and balanced diet helps you live longer life. Try to incorporate food that is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Meat, fish, legumes, nuts, fruits, and vegetables are rich in nutrients. They will help boost your energy and stamina. Avoid all kinds of junk food like burgers, pizza, French fries, etc. These contain a lot of fat and are generally high in calories. Eating junk food regularly can lead to obesity and other chronic diseases. Instead, schedule a diet plan and enrich your diet with nutrient-rich energy-giving food. This has a lot to do with the physical health of an individual. A disease-free healthy life will make you feel at ease.  


8. Self-care 

Take a minute and interrogate yourself.  In this perpetual hurry and scurry that we call life, is there space for you to do something that you like, be it reading a book, watching a movie, pampering your pets, painting a portrait, or even writing your journal. Make sure you don’t pressure yourself with work. A well sound educational background and a swelling bank balance cannot buy you happiness. So, take breaks often and invest time to indulge in activities that make you happy and hence healthy, for life is all about life itself, and the happiness of an individual is what matters the most . 


Who wouldn’t wish to live longer life? Anyone would. Well, if there is a will, there is a way. To live long healthy life, one must possess good immunity and must be healthy enough to withstand the daily challenges and disease threats. Instead of getting armed with weapons at the time of the war, prepare yourself to face all the challenges that await you. Incorporate the aforementioned simple, yet exacting tips to improve your lifestyle. Do let us know which healthy lifestyle tip did you include in your life .


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