Effective Ways to Develop a Reading Habit

Reading, a Healthy Habit 

The habit of reading books is one of the healthiest hobbies in the world that enhances an individual’s cognitive ability, memory power, lingual, social, creative, communication, and imaginative skills. This explains why reading is a good habit. Developing a passion to spend time reading is the best hobby children can ever develop from a very young age. It’s never too late. But how to develop a reading habit? The following listed are some of the effective tips one can try giving a shot to make reading a habitual action. 

  • Make a Reading List 

You might have heard your friends talking about their favorite books, or you might have come across the reviews of some amazing books in magazines, Instagram, or newspaper supplements. Has any of such instances triggered an interest in you to read particular books? If so, not down the names of these books then and there. Either jot them down in your daily reminder list or your journal. Keep a running list and cross them once you read. This could be a good start to your journey of exploring more books. Also, Read: Recovering From Phone Addiction: Care Instructions

  • Take a Book with you Wherever you Go 

People often complain about how they don’t get time to read amidst their busy corporate life. This should no longer be a reason that stops you from getting started. You never know, your flight could be delayed by an hour, or there could be instances where you would have to wait like team meetings at work or appointments to visit a doctor. Therefore make sure to carry a book with you wherever you go. It is such a great way to kill time. Additionally, it is one of the easiest, yet most effective ways to develop the habit of reading books. 

  • Schedule a Reading Time Daily 

Set apart some time daily to read, even though it’s 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure, no matter what you will indulge in reading and not other activities. Say, if you read for 10 minutes in the morning, during lunchtime, during snacks break in the evening and the time before you go to bed, this will make it 40 minutes in total. Surprising! Is it? This is a good start for all those who want a kickstart to the reading journey. 

  • Start with your Favorite Genre 

You can’t develop a reading habit all of a sudden out of nowhere just because you know reading comes with a lot of benefits. Even though you start you might end up giving up any time sooner. It’s all about passion. This is what makes you consistent in your journey. To not give up in the middle, you must start reading books that interest you. If it’s genres like rom-com that entertain you, make a list of rom-com you would love to read.  For some, it would be crime thrillers, while for others it could be fantasy. Some people prefer fiction, while others prefer to read non-fiction. All that matters is your interest, and once you get a hold of it, try reading other genres too.  

  • Read Thinner Books When you Start 

If you have never liked reading before, get a book that is easy to read and is fewer in the page number. Seeing a thick book can be demotivating to some people. This depends on the reader. If you are someone who shares the tendency to give up too easily, then you should start by taking smaller steps. Seeing the list of books you have finished reading can be more motivating to read further. So why not start with small, simple, and easy ones? Once you pick up the habit of reading, you can try reading bigger novels. 

  • Have a Reading Partner 

Despite trying several times, you would have realised that you are terrible at maintaining consistency in keeping your reading routine under check. This can happen and this doesn’t mean you can never pick up the habit. All you have to do is to make some changes to the pattern you have been following all this while. So, if you have been wondering how to develop a reading habit, get yourself a reading partner at the earliest.  It could be your friends, siblings, parents, cousins, or classmates. Try reading out the same book with your partner at the same time of the day. Keep a limit on the number of pages you will finish reading in the time allotted. Then discuss the plot, storyline, nature of the protagonists and other characters, your likes, and dislikes, etc. with your reading partner. This sounds more interesting, right? Who knows? This reading time could become the favorite time of your day.  Also, Read: What are the Benefits of Reading?

  • Go to Bookshops and Libraries  

Instead of buying books online, try purchasing them from a bookshop. You can also lend books from a public library. Seeing other people buying books can be quite motivating. Library offers a quiet and peaceful space to read. Seeing other people reading can also inspire you to keep going. 

Reading is a habit many of us want to cultivate. If you want to get into the same, keep going and don’t give up. The tips listed above could be of great help to fuel your persistence in developing a habit of reading books.



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