A Comprehensive Guide on How to Understand Yourself

Do you know how just when you think you’ve figured out what makes you tick, you catch yourself doing something completely out of character? Is that correct? It may be that you don’t quite know yourself and how to understand yourself. Perhaps the stranger side of you is still a mystery to the part of you that runs the show. In any case, your inner weirdo persists. And you’re not sure whether to make peace with it or show it who’s in charge. (And what if the weirdo is actually your boss?) So, how to respect yourself? Here are some ideas:

Begin Keeping a Daily Journal

Why not call your journal Learning to Understand Me? Because that’s exactly what you’ll be doing whenever you sit down to write in it. Whether you spend five minutes, a half-hour, or an hour and a half writing your daily journal entry, you’ll be providing a playground for all the jumbled-together thoughts and ideas in your head.

Begin a Daily Meditation Practice

Spending at least ten minutes a day in quiet meditation five at the start and five at the end helps to ground you and makes you more receptive to your inner voice. Meditation takes you out of the mundane and ego-centric world of your daily routines and thought habits. It strengthens your connection to your heart — and thus to your soul and those with whom you are connected. Allow this practice to strengthen your connection to your hidden self, and you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

Make your Bucket List more Interesting

If you have a bucket list, think about what you could add to it that terrifies you a little. Do something that will make you feel completely out of your element. Perform a public speaking engagement. Alternatively, you may attempt karaoke or stand-up comedy. Put yourself out there and do something terrible, even if someone threatens to videotape it. Especially if someone threatens to videotape the entire affair!

Develop a New Creative Skill

Maybe you’ve always wondered why your mother enjoyed knitting (or crocheting). Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn how to code so that you can design and develop your own mobile apps. Why not set aside some time each week to get familiar with whichever creative pursuit makes you feel more alert than you did five seconds ago? Consider what you want to produce for your first big project and begin by studying what you need to know to get there. Then go out there and make something you’re proud of.

Accept a New Challenge

When someone asks you to give a speech, instead of running out the back door, you clear your throat and step up to the podium, afraid but ready to accept the challenge. Or perhaps your manager has asked someone to stand up and take on a project that would most likely strain you in every aspect. And the only thing preventing you from succeeding is your fear of failing. It is safer to remain in one’s comfort zone. However, no one grows in there.

Have more In-depth Discussions

Invest more time in meaningful conversations with those who matter to you. Offer yourself as a sounding board, and pay close attention to their body language and any signs of emotional or mental distress. The goal of listening is to understand, not to score points or to position oneself as the ultimate issue solver. Take advantage of this opportunity to understand the other individual better. It is likely that you will learn something about yourself during the process.

Take Part in Conversation Games

Try a conversation game the next time you get together with friends or go on a date with your significant other. They frequently involve questions that you must answer honestly and without hesitation. That may surprise you. And if it sparks a vigorous discussion, take advantage of it to learn more about yourself and the other participant/s. Again, the goal is to develop understanding, not to win at the expense of others. It will give respect to yourself.

Respond to Other People’s Inquiries

Helping others with their inquiries might sometimes help you understand your own beliefs more clearly. Quora is an excellent resource for this. Some will also disagree with you. Whatever they write, make your comments courteous and keep in mind that their reactions are influenced by their own experiences and opinions rather than by you. Each response should be written as a genuine and emotional letter to the individual who posted the inquiry. Self-motivation is vital because it prevents you from relying on others and encourages you to use your talents to achieve your goals. It also assists you in ensuring that you work on your deficiencies and do not allow them to stymie your plans.

You could find yourself doing things you’re not sure why you’re doing them at times. Because our subconscious affects so much of our behavior, the reasons behind many of our life decisions can be a mystery. However, if you know where to look, you may obtain a deeper understanding of yourself, including why you make the decisions you do, what makes you happy, and how you can change for the better. If you want to truly reflect and understand yourself better, you’ll need to consider aspects of yourself that you despise and acknowledge some things you may not want to admit to.

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