Tips to become your child’s best friend


Wouldn’t it be gratifying to have a best friend with whom we can speak our heart to? Having someone to comfort us when depressed, laugh at our bad jokes and share our joy with, is indeed a great blessing. This applies to a child as well. Becoming your child’s best friend and nurturing this relationship with your child sounds fascinating. Right? What takes you to reach there? The answer is right around the corner. 


1. Encourage an open conversation 

Take a look back at the times when you were a kid. How were your parents like? Have you hidden anything from your parents? If so, why did you do so? The answer is obvious. Children are scared of being chided by their parents. To run away from causing any trouble, children tend to hide certain incidents, and emotions that they have experienced in life.

But this may pave way for the repression of emotions in at least a few of them, if not dealt with with immediate care and attention. Therefore, encourage the habit of holding an open and transparent conversation with your children, so that your children will run back to you during any hardships. Make them feel secure to talk about problems that make them uncomfortable. Practicing an open and transparent conversation with your children will help you become their best friend. 


2. Play with them 

play with your child - best friend

Kids love to play. They never get tired of playing. They love it the most when they get to play with others. If you have observed your children when they play, you will notice how happy and excited they are to play with others. This gives you the most effective way to win their hearts. 

3. Spend time with them 

All of us are busy and engaged with something or the other. Either work or household chores keep us busy throughout the day. This is one reason why we often fail to spend time with our children. Most of the parents misapprehend the idea of gifting their children with everything they want as expressing love.

Though this is one way of expressing love, this act alone wouldn’t be enough to become your child’s best friend. To truly nurture the relationship with your child, ensure that you spend quality time with your child. Go out for a movie date, cook their favorite meal, reach out to them when they seek help, plan out weekend outings and summer vacations, dine together whenever possible and go out shopping with them. This will strengthen the bond between you and your child and help you become their best friend


4. Share with them 

Just like the way you share your joy and feelings with your friends, try sharing how your day was with your child as well. Parents have a habit to keep asking their children how their day was at school or class. But rather than constantly asking them, try sharing with them your little joy and happiness.

Talk to them about how your days were as a little child, what your dreams were, what your favorite food or movie is and what you feel like doing, what your plans are etc. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with your child will help them understand you more. At the same time, they will start feeling more comfortable around you. Be your child’s best friend by sharing your life moments with them.

5. Appreciate their efforts 

Kids like it when they are appreciated for their efforts and achievements. Mutual support and appreciation are important qualities, every true friend must possess. Celebrating their success, respecting their choices, admiring their talents, and acknowledging their efforts are important when it comes to effective parenting.


Taking care of these small aspects not only makes you a better parent but also builds a friendship between you and your child.  

6. Give them their me-time 

play with your child - best friend

At times, children prefer to spend some time alone. This is when they invest their time doing what they love to do. From calling friends, to getting engaged in their hobbies, kids always look forward to utilizing their me-time effectively.


Therefore, do not expect your child to spend time doing what you want them to do. Instead, give them their space and let them explore the world ahead of them. This is what a best friend does and if you want to become one such friend of your child, give your kids the freedom to spend their time as they wish to. 


Why become your child’s best friend? Take a while and contemplate this question. Now, think of the advantages you will enjoy upon becoming your child’s best friend. How joyful and colorful would it be. Friendship gives you a better space to understand each other better. This gives way for the privilege to mutually help, learn and benefit from each other. 

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