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Are you striving to become a good parent? Wondering what are the effective tips to practice good parenting? Worry not, for you have come across the right article. Set up your journey towards incorporating effective parenting techniques by following the tips mentioned below.  

1. Avoid comparisons 

Do you have the habit of comparing your children with others? If so, it’s high time that you stop this practice. Comparing your children with others will not only disturb their self-esteem but will also hinder the formation of their personality and self-identity.

Everyone is unique and so are their innate talents and capabilities. A good parent will always invest their time and effort in discovering their child’s passion and potential, instead of comparing their child’s weaknesses with other’s strengths.  

2. Boost their self-esteem 

Appreciate your child for the slightest achievements they accomplish in life. For instance, thank them for their help, acknowledge their effort in doing homework, congratulate them for scoring good grades and celebrate their success to make them happy.

This will boost their self-confidence and will help fuel their self-esteem. Upon receiving acceptance and appreciation from parents, children will be more eager, studious, and enthusiastic to work towards working and achieving more. Encouraging and motivating your children from time to time is an effective parenting method.

3. Spend time with your child 

We are living in a technologically advanced and busy world. 9 to 5 corporate jobs along with the household chores may keep us busy all day long. But this shouldn’t stop you from spending time with your child. Schedule and plan out your weekends to talk, play and have fun with your child.

If in case, you end up being unable to free yourself from the hectic weekend schedule, ask your partner to spend time with the child for the time being or vice versa. Either way, make sure that you communicate with your children from time to time.  

4. Express love 

Expressing love is the most effective way to make your child feel secure and safe. Express love by kissing, hugging, and patting your child. Showcasing your love through the aforementioned means will foster the release of neurotransmitters like oxytocin.

The release of such hormones will help your child embrace and cherish the physical warmth they receive. Expressing love through affectionate gestures is considered one of the most effective parenting techniques.  

effective parenting

5. Be a good role model 

If you wish to see your child growing up as someone who is well-disciplined, ensure that you practice what you preach. As small kids, children learn the basic set of mannerisms through imitation. So, when you guide your children, make sure you incorporate good behavioral traits to influence your child in the best way possible.

Good parenting calls for being a good role model. Therefore, behave and interact with others in a way that you wish your children behave. 

6. Set limits to your expectations 

To err is human and to forgive is divine. All parents should manifest this thought as a constant reminder to understand and guide their children better. Children make mistakes and learn from them. Parents always want their children to be the best, be it discipline, sports, academics, or cultural activities.

A parent must be well aware of a child’s limitations to help them improve in the respective areas. Teach them to dream high, while at the same time, keep your expectations under control. On the contrary, if you impose your expectations onto your children, they may end up feeling pressured to meet the expectations of their parents. In extreme cases of similar situations, children may end up resenting their parents. To avoid this from happening, accept your child for who they are and love them with all your heart.  

7. Create and establish an optimistic atmosphere

Be very careful when you talk to your children. Avoid the habit of using bad words. Do not criticize your children with a negative attitude. If they behave in a way that’s unaccepted concerning the common standards of mannerisms, correct their mistakes and request them not to commit it again.

Create a calm, serene and positive atmosphere. It will enhance their emotional well-being and keep them safe and happy throughout the day. 


Parenting is one of the most arduous journeys in life. At the same time, it’s a phase where one will come across the most memorable moments in life. No parent in this world is perfect. Achieving perfectionism is only an abstract concept. 

But never let your guard down in becoming the best version of yourself. Embrace positivity and pass down your best quality traits to your children. Incorporate the aforementioned effective parenting tips to make your journey more satisfying and fruitful. 

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