5 amazing tools to boost your productivity


Being productive is all about saving time and completing your tasks for the day in a short period. In this busy world, we are always in a rush to meet the deadline, but various distractions that pop up now and then keep us from what we really must complete. 

But let procrastination and distractions not bother you again. Technology has advanced with time and it now offers various apps and services that satisfy the need of the hour. For all those who need help to organize and work according to the planned schedule, here we have listed 5 amazing tools to boost productivity. 

You have hit the jackpot if you were someone who was in dire need of productivity tools. Don’t wander around and waste your time in search of them. Following are the best tools one can make use of to enhance productivity.

1. Forest

Forest app with the tagline Stay Focused, Be Present is a world-famous productivity app developed by Shaokhan Pi. This application was released in the year 2016. This application is extensively used in 136 countries and has nearly 4 million paying users.

This app is designed for all those who find it difficult to discipline themselves by focusing on their work. To use this application, open the app, then set a timer and start focusing on the work you have to complete. Once you set the timer, a small plant starts growing. It will turn out to become a tree when you complete the task within the allotted time. If you leave the app midway, then the plant will die.Another fascinating factor that keeps you motivated to focus is the practical application of their virtual ideology of planting a forest.

In other words, for each successful focus session, you are planting a tree on earth for real. The forest application has partnered with an actual tree-planting organization to plant trees on earth based on the credits earned by the users through the application. Many people across the world find this app as an excellent tool to boost productivity.

2. Habitica 

Habitica is a task management application that was launched in 2013. This application takes the form of a role-playing game where players take up the role of various characters in the setting. They further take up the responsibility for these fictional characters as the narrative develops.

This application has pre-designed in-game rewards and punishments to motivate the users to stay healthy, to accomplish their tasks, and to stay happy. This application is fun to start with, for it converts all our daily tasks into little monsters to conquer. As you progress and complete the tasks, it automatically affects your status in the game.

This application can be more fun and entertaining to use when collaborated with your colleagues and friends. Therefore, it can be used as an effective tool to boost productivity. 

3. Pomofocus 

Pomofocus is an application developed based on the pomodoro technique, a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo. Pomodoro technique is based on dividing the time into different chunks, i.e., 25-minutes for working and another 5 minutes for a short break.

Pomofocus is a customizable timer application that works on the principle of the Pomodoro technique. This application can be used on a desktop as well as a mobile browser. Enter your list of various tasks to complete, then choose a particular task to work upon, and start working on it by setting the timer. Once you are done with a Pomodoro, choose the option for a short break. A short break is 5 minutes. After 4 rounds of Pomodoro, take a long break.

This application has multiple advantages. On the first hand, the users wouldn’t get indulged in other activities, even though they get distracted. This is because they know that the timer is running and hence feels motivated to beat the clock. This thought helps them to refocus on their work. This explains why this application is extensively used as an effective tool to boost productivity. 


4. Freedom

As the name suggests, this application persuades the user to focus more on their work by letting them enjoy the freedom to get liberated from all the distractions and addictions that hinder the flow of the work. This app manages the websites and other apps from distracting you by blocking them for as long as you want, from an hour to 24 hours a day.

As a result of this, your tendency to check the social media applications as well as other platforms to which you are addicted will come to a halt. This, in turn, saves your time and you become more efficient at your work and studies. Social media addiction is seen among a lot of individuals these days.

Once you log into any such platform, you will end up using it more than you expect. To all such people who are addicted to their mobile phones, tablets, and computers to browse their social media accounts, freedom acts as an effective tool to boost productivity. 

5. Coffitivity 

Certain elements incite an individual with the urge to work. To some, it may be a cup of coffee, while to others it can be an eye-pleasing scenery. These factors may vary from person to person. While there is an ample percentage of people who attain the energy and enthusiasm to work with the help of a particular background score.

Some people prefer to work in a cozy café but end up working within the confined walls of an office due to the company policies that forbid work from outside. If you are one among them, then keep your worries at bay, for you can now download an application named coffitivity which recreates the vibe similar to a café. 

Be it morning murmur, campus undertones, or lunchtime lounge, choose your favorite soundtrack and play them while you work. Your productivity at work will improve as you play the suiting soundtracks to your taste. People who regain their focus with a similar kind of background score perceive this app as an effective tool to boost productivity.


Getting distracted during the time of serious work can be frustrating. You may not succeed in the battle while beating these distractions alone.  In situations like these, you require productivity hacks and tools to make your journey towards success easier and hassle-free. Experience the miraculous journey towards a more productive life with the aid of productivity tools. 

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