5 ways to relax your mind before sleep


Deprival of sleep can deteriorate one’s physical health, not to mention mental health. A good night’s sleep not only ensures a healthy immune system but also enhances an individual’s productivity, concentration, and memory power. Hence in this article we will explain 5 ways to relax your mind before sleep


Even after having realized the significance of good sleep, people are ignorant about it. In this advanced world, people are only concerned about work and being successful. They have become workaholics and are unaware of the adverse effects it may have on their physical and mental health. 

To stay healthy and fit in the long run, one must drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet, and most importantly, sleep well. To sleep well, you must follow various ways to relax your mind. 


Good quality sleep

How do you define a good quality sleep?  Understanding sleep quality is more of an art than science, for it’s different from sleep quantity. 

To sleep well,

  • You must fall asleep within 30 minutes after getting into bed. 
  • Wake up in the middle of the night, not more than once. 
  • After waking up, one must feel refreshed, energized, and rejuvenated.

Having sleeping disorders like insomnia or hypersomnia may affect the quality of sleep adversely. To avoid getting affected by any such disorders and to improve the sleep quality, one must make an effort to relax one’s mind and body.There are several ways to relax your mind before bedtime. It’s all about inducing a favorable environment for sleeping.


1. Make your bedroom screen-free zone

Nowadays, people spend a lot of time using social media platforms. Though you may claim them to be the need of the hour, being actively getting engaged with social media may affect your sleep quality. This is why people are highly advised to prepare their bedroom favorable enough to sleep well. Prevent the entry of light into your bedroom with the help of dark thick curtains and isolate yourself from any sort of noise and disturbances.

Similarly, log out from all social media platforms at least an hour before sleeping. The blue screen light from the TV, laptop, tablets, and mobile phones will send signals to your brain to stay alert and thus affect the quality of your sleep. 

2. Deep breathing

deep-breathing-ways to relax your mind.

Wouldn’t you be worn out after a long day? Busy work schedules and deadlines are extremely tiring. An all-time solution to take away your fatigue is a good night’s sleep. Practicing certain breathing exercises will help you sleep well. Deep breathing is one of the best ways to relax your mind.


Take a deep breath and feel the rhythm of your heartbeat. Exhale slowly and keep repeating the cycle. Slow-paced breathing will improve the blood circulation in your body and the reach of oxygen to the brain. As your body becomes tension-free, your mind will also get rid of all negative thoughts. 

3. Meditation 

Meditation is a simplified term used to refer to the observance of silence. Put yourself at ease and choose a body posture that you are most comfortable with. Take a deep breath and start listening to the sound of your breath. Start thinking about the little things that made you happy throughout the day.


Repeat phrases like I’m at peace or I’m doing good a couple of times. Keep repeating the phrase until you are at peace or visualize yourself being calm and happy. Manifestation of positive thoughts will put your mind at ease. This makes it easier to sleep well. People suffering from insomnia have perceived meditation as one of the practical ways to relax your mind

4. Relax your body muscles

Lie down on your bed and relax your body muscles one by one. Deep breathing will help you effectuate the entire process of muscle relaxation. Start from your toes, then the heels, then comes the lower limbs, thighs, abdomen, stomach, fingers, elbows, chest, neck, and finally the facial muscles.

Release tension from your body and let go of all your stressful thoughts by relaxing your body muscles. Muscle relaxation is one of the widely practiced ways to relax your mind

5. Take a warm bath

warm-bath-ways to relax your mind.

Taking a warm bath will increase your body temperature. A sudden difference in the body temperature will make you feel drowsy. Moreover, it relaxes your body muscles and stimulates your nervous system to bring down the levels of stress and anxiety.

As a result, it improves the overall mood of an individual. Hence, taking a warm bath is one of the ideal ways to relax your mind. 


The above listed are a few ways to relax your mind. Following them can be extremely beneficial when it comes to patients who suffer from sleeping disorders and for all others who lack a good quality sleep. 

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