Ways to comfort your child without words


Certain circumstances in life may make a child feel lonely, insecure, uncomfortable, depressed, angry, frustrated, annoyed, or even sad. It’s very important to comfort and console children who experience similar situations in life. If not, it may pave the way for deteriorating their mental health. As you all know, mental health is as important as physical health. 


Significance of comforting your child 

Some parents tend to ignore their children after chiding them. Such parents often perceive comforting as a means of manipulating the situation to get the children satisfied with what they want. In short, they consider comforting as a way of spoiling children.

But to the contrary, comforting a child is all about building a good relationship between the parent and the child by initiating a healthy conversation. People comfort each other in various ways. It may be verbal or non-verbal. You needn’t always express consoling words to comfort your child. If so, what are the other practical possibilities to console them? 


1. Serve them a hot drink 

How to comfort your child with a hot drink

Serve your children a bowl of hot soup, or a cup of coffee. Here’s why it can do wonders. As an infant, children are often held and fed by their parents. As a reflex action, the infant’s brain unconsciously starts to associate this physical warmth with emotional warmth.

To reflect a similar response in the child, parents can serve them a hot drink to enhance the warmth of their bodies. Doing so, the kids will feel more secure and safe, with roots of this reflex action having been ingrained within them ever since the time of being a baby. This is an easy and simple way to comfort your kids during times of hardships.

2. Play a soothing music

Other than entertaining us, music plays a crucial role in controlling a person’s emotional stability and behavior. Research studies have shown that music helps to lower the levels of cortisol in the human body. Cortisol hormone is addressed as the stress hormone and certain stress triggering events can increase the levels of cortisol in your body.


When it comes to your child, she or he goes through a lot of situations in life that make them angry, sad, or even furious. During these times, as a responsible and caring parent, you can create a serene atmosphere by playing soothing, relaxing, and calm music to comfort your child.  Music is a proven strategic factor that has played wonders and it will do the same with your child.  

3. Take them out for a walk

Due to the high influence of video games, social media platforms, and other electronic gadgets, children these days refuse to play outdoors or spend time out in nature. But there is an amusing fact about being out there in the sun.

Spending time outdoors can increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your body. These hormones are neurotransmitters that boost a person’s overall well-being and mood. Having said that, now you know how and why taking your child out for a walk in nature is important to comfort them while enduring hardships.  


4. Cuddle them


Cuddling your child can induce a physical warmth within them. The science behind this can be dated back to the days of breastfeeding and holding your child close to your body. The physical warmth a child enjoys while being cuddled is immediately reflected upon as the emotional warmth their mind experiences. 

5. Cook them their favorite meal 

When your child experiences emotional breakdowns, try preparing their favorite meal. This will help you boost their mood. Seeing them enjoying the meal you cooked would also make you happy.  Henceforth, if you struggle to comfort your child, prepare them a delicious meal.



Once you realize the consequences of not comforting your child, you will always make sure that your child feels at ease, no matter what. As a parent, when you deny comforting your child, they will eventually get habituated with repressing their emotions.

If continued, this can further push them towards the edge of chronic mental health conditions. Moreover, there are chances where they tend to hold grudges towards a particular person. Be it anger, sadness, or frustration, they long for a personal space to talk them out.

Therefore, in psychological terms, comforting can be addressed as a safe and healthy gesture of expressing empathetic feelings to potentially persuade a person to express their inner emotions.  By doing so, one can develop, nurture and strengthen the bond with their children. 

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