How to spend more quality time with your child


All of us are in the long run to achieve all that we have dreamt of. For instance, parents work hard from day till night as teachers, corporate officials, chefs, securities, bank managers, maids, doctors, police officers, engineers, artists, and whatnot. But do we spend quality time with our loved ones

When asked why, they often crack a smile saying, “I want my child to live a comfortable life”, “All I earn is for me and my family, to keep them happy forever”. But we often get lost in the way to achieve this happiness. In a busy world, we get engulfed by hectic life schedules. Consequently, we fail to spend quality time with our family.  

But how do you overcome this? If you have been wondering how, why not take a short break and scroll down to know some tips on how to spend more quality time with your family. 

1. Help each other 

Working parents will be tired after a long day. But let this not stop you from spending time with your child. Apart from your office hours, you will be engaged with your household chores daily. This is something you can’t avoid doing. So why not seek help from your children.

Ask them to help you out while preparing dinner, washing dishes, folding clothes, and while cleaning the house. This way, you can spend quality time with your children. Moreover, they will master the basic life skills in their early childhood days.

2.  Reduce your screen time

Reduce screen-time-spend-quality-time

These days, people are too much engaged with their electronic gadgets and they often spend more time playing games on mobile phones, watching television series, and scrolling down multimedia platforms. Although all these are entertaining to spend time on, they may eventually eat up your valuable time to spend with your family.

You may start off playing a game or watch a web series for half an hour, but end up looking at the screen for 2 hours or even more. Therefore, set a reminder and make certain that you make up time for your family just like the way you find time to play and watch. Why not try playing indoor board games and make craftworks with your child during the weekends. This will keep you and your children livelier and more active.  

3. Bedtime ritual

If you put yourself to sleep by reading a book, do the same with your child. Let them sleep by listening to your bedtime stories. Laugh out loud by cracking hilarious jokes and surprise them with the funny twists in the bedtime stories. Get into a silly pillow fight or sing your favorite bedtime songs. This will enhance your relationship with the child by being able to spend more quality time with the child. 

4. Listen to them

Kids are always too curious about the things they see around them. They keep observing and ask countless questions. They are even more curious to talk about how their day was at school or college. The immediate surrounding a child can turn towards is their parents.

Therefore, listen to what they have to say and respond to them while asked questions. On busy days, if you are helpless to make up time for the same, listen to them while doing the household chores. Ask them how their day was and initiate a conversation with them. To spend quality time with your child, engage in good communication with them. This will make them feel more special and loved. This is a key step one must never forget while raising a child.  

5. Go for a date


You must be well aware of the things that your children love to do. Some of them love going out for a night drive, while others like it when they get to eat their favorite food from a good restaurant. This may vary from child to child. Figure out what your kid likes to do the most and make sure you take them out for a date from time to time to spend quality time with them doing their favorite activity.

Buy them toys, hang out with them for shopping, make a visit to new places and create memories to cherish forever. If you can’t make it up due to unfortunate reasons, ask your partner to spend quality time with the children and plan it out in a way that you take turns to take the kids out for the date.  


Merely satisfying all favors your kids’ demands wouldn’t be enough to ensure the healthy growth of your child. Spending some quality time with your child is extremely important to shape their personality. If not, they might develop attention-seeking behavior while being in a public space to grab the attention of their parents.

This isn’t a healthy practice. To avoid this from happening and to nurture a healthy relationship between you and your family, make sure you follow the tips and tactics mentioned above to spend quality time with your family.  

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