Best outdoor games for your child


Back in the day, kids used to play outdoor games with others of their similar age in the neighborhood playgrounds. But these days, ever since the technology developed, kids have been immersed in the world of online and video games. Playing outdoor games is fun and relaxing. It lets your kids get engaged in physical activity, and playing the best outdoor games also helps your kid socialize with others in the neighborhood.

1. Musical Chair

The musical chair game is an entertaining outdoor game. To play this game, arrange some chairs in a circle, with each chair facing outward. While choosing the number of chairs, always keep it one less than the number of players. Once the arrangement is over, start playing the music.

As long as the song continues, the participants will run around the chair arranged in a circle. The players will sit down on any of the chairs as soon as the music stops. The person who fails to find a chair to sit in will be out of the game. The coordinator in charge will remove the chair after each round. It is one of the best outdoor games to play during the holidays. 

2. Biscuit 

If your kids love to run, then this is one of the most incredible outdoor games. The rules are simple. There will be one catcher, and others have to run. The catcher will suggest a theme like fruits, colors, cars, music artists, cartoons, etc. Other players have to come up with a corresponding name that comes under the respective categories. For example, if the catcher gives the theme colors, the participants will gather around and pick up different colors like red, blue, yellow, green, etc.

Any participant can then name them out to the catcher, hiding the details about whom the respective color addresses. Now the actual game starts. As the catcher begins calling out the names of the colors, all players have to run. The catcher will find whom each color represents and catches them when others call out the respective color names in the group. 

The catcher and players can take turns while playing the game. Now you must be wondering how this game got the name biscuit. Here is why. Once the catcher gets tired of running and cannot catch after a long while, they can call out a biscuit. The indicates that the catcher is quitting. Once the catcher says biscuit aloud, all players must come and touch the catcher’s head. The one who comes last in the row will be the catcher in the following round. 

3. Hide and seek 

hide and seek - outdoor games

Hide and seek is one of the exciting outdoor games to play with your family and best friends. Anyone among the group gathered will start counting. In the meantime, others have to hide. Once the counting comes to a halt, the catcher will seek all the players who chose to hide in different places. The person to be caught first will be the next one to count. Hide and seek is game kids play when boredom strikes. Try giving your kids company the next time they play hide and seek. 

4. Passing the ball

Passing the ball is a simple yet exhilarating game to play with friends. It is similar to the musical chair game, except that a ball replaces the chair. The leader who coordinates the game will play music in the background. As the music begins to play, the kids will pass the ball from one person to the other. The coordinator will eliminate the participant who holds the ball soon after the music stops. Thus the winner of the game is determined after the last round. 

5. Hopscotch 

Hopscotch is one of the exciting and amusing outdoor games played by drawing different numbered outlines of rectangles or triangles on the playground. Each player will have a small object named lagger in hand to toss around in the columns drawn. Upon throwing it, players will jump through the spaces to retain the lagger without losing balance. 


Playing outdoor games has multiple advantages. From boosting your kid’s stamina to strengthening their memory, outdoor games offer innumerable benefits. Let your kids go out and play in the ground after school hours. It will help them freshen their mind and rejuvenate their body. 

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