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Teenage is the time when a kid goes through his or her adolescence, the age when physical and psychological development takes place. Positive parenting in a teenager is very important to build a solid relationship between the parents and the children. 

1 Keep the communication lines open 

To establish an open conversation with your teens, spend some time together with them. Daily check-ins like a bedtime hug, a morning kiss, or a short conversation during dinner time would be more than enough. Ask them how their day was and what happened at school or college.


Be curious to know about how their days were like. A daily conversation with your teens will bridge the gap of communication with them if any. While, during the weekends, take them out for a field trip, shopping, or even for something as trivial as a walk in nature. Open and transparent communication with your children is extremely important to keep a check on their emotional stability and physical well-being. This is all a part of positive parenting

2. Set limits to their screen time 

Children are technologically advanced these days in comparison to their parents. Moreover, with the commencement of the devastating pandemic, everything has become online, from attending classes to writing exams. As the current situation demands the mandatory presence of electronic gadgets, it has become more difficult for parents to keep track of the activities their children engage in. In addition to this, there are a plethora of triggering factors available online which may evoke a curiosity within them to get a taste of.

Therefore, parents are advised to set limits to their kid’s screen time when at home. Along with that, keep electronic gadgets like laptops and computers in a common space where parents can reach out and take a glance at what their kids are doing in a short period. By doing so, teens will be least tempted to do things that are likely to be disapproved by their parents. This is an effective way to keep a check on your kids during the time of teenage.


3. Encourage good self-care 

Health is wealth. Parents must be concerned about their teen’s physical as well as mental health. Prepare them nutritious meals and ensure that they sleep 8 to 9 hours at the least. Keep mobile phones and other electronic gadgets out of their reach at least one hour before bedtime.

Keep a digital curfew for your kids to effectuate this practice. A balanced diet, physical exercise, and good sleep will help your kids improve their quality of lifestyle. To upgrade their creative skill set and to keep up their emotional stability, make certain that they spend their me-time productively by mastering new skills or engaging in activities that make them happy. 

self care-parenting tips

4. Creative Freedom 

Teenage is when children encounter social issues like pressure from teachers, peer groups, and parents to meet up their expectations concerning academics, life skills as well as extracurricular activities. Imposing your passions on them and comparing your children with other kids of the same age can be detrimental to their creative freedom.


Therefore, parents should henceforth respect the choices their kids make with regards to the passion they want to explore and the career they want to build up. By respecting their choices and supporting their decisions, parents are helping them foster their creativity and heighten their ability to pave way for innovations. 

5. The family that dines together stays together

Eat your meals together with your family once a day the least. Busy schedules can be a barrier to this. But eat your dinner with your family together. This is an appropriate time for everyone to share the daily whereabouts about their school, college, and workspace.


Crack jokes, laugh out together, and create happy moments for your children to retrospect. This will nurture the relationship and bond between one another in the family and bring about the feeling of togetherness. 

6. Teenage, A Roller Coaster Ride 

A teenager may come across an end number of external and internal struggles due to the hormonal changes in their body. Cyber addiction, anger issues, underage pregnancy, addiction to drinking and smoking, bullying, concerns about body image, low self-esteem, peer pressure, stress, and depression are few common problems a teenager faces these days.

The children are not to blame, for it’s only ordinary for a teenager to fall prey to situations that trigger them to do so. Positive parenting a teenager helps parents and the child to understand each other better and live their teenage years in the mos;t memorable way possible. 

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