Quick Tips For Maternal Sleep Deprivation


The unavoidable side effect of becoming a new mother is sleep deprivation. During the first weeks after giving birth, moms are likely to experience a drop in energy and mood due to the abrupt changes in hormone levels, accumulated fatigue from pregnancy, and round-the-clock demands of caring for a new baby. The bad feelings these women experience during pregnancy can develop into a chronic disease called maternal depression.  Sleep deprivation and postpartum depression can be difficult to distinguish one from the other, especially when the two conditions are linked. 

Here are the top ways to overcome maternal sleep deprivation and finally get some sleep!

1. Plan ahead of time

When you have little children, being awakened in the middle of the night is more the norm than the exception. Don’t go to bed at 12 a.m. every night, hoping your two-year-old would sleep soundly. You’ll lose. In the end, you’ll merely add to your sleep debt. Moms should plan on being awakened up every night and plan accordingly. They need to go to bed earlier to make time for it.  You received some extra sleep if you weren’t woken up on any given night. And even if you weren’t, you were at least prepared.

2. Take a rest

Despite the fact that sleep experts advise insomniacs not to take naps, sleep experts agree that sleep-deprived mothers should disregard such advice. The rule certainly does not apply to parents whose children woke them up six times during the night, resulting in them falling asleep in their soup. Taking a nap doesn’t make any sense for people like that. If your children are still too small to nap on their own, take the advice you were given in the maternity ward and snooze when your baby naps.

3. Over the weekend, catch up on sleep 

Mothers who are juggling their roles as parents, workers, and homemakers are convinced that they can’t get adequate sleep during the week. If this is the case, the weekends are a good time to make amends. You trade weekends with your spouse so you can both sleep in on the same day. Alternatively, schedule an appointment with a relative or sitter to obtain a couple of hours of nap time on the weekend.

4. Assist your child in sleeping better 

It is not unusual for a new born to wake you up six times during the night. Babies must follow a sleep schedule that is at least half-civilized for three to six months. However, if your older children have trouble sleeping through the night consistently, you should consult with your paediatrician. Sometimes children have trouble sleeping. The smallest changes, such as establishing a more consistent bedtime or installing room-darkening curtains, can often have a major impact. If you can solve your child’s sleep deprivation, you might be able to solve your own.

5. Sleep Should Be Taken Seriously

Of course, if you’re a sleep-deprived mother, it’s difficult to follow any of this advice right now. Staying up late to finish that final load of laundry may seem far more vital than the abstract benefits of an extra 45 minutes of sleep.

6. Make use of the hospital nursery

It’s there for a reason, so don’t feel bad about it. This is your time to recover from childbirth.  Allow a qualified expert to care for your baby while you are in the home.

7. Simply say no to added duties

If you’re feeling guilty about spending less time with your oldest child, you might offer to accompany them on a field trip or to take them on a special excursion to a museum. When you have a newborn at home, you should think twice before taking on any more responsibilities.


There is also the broader issue many sleep-deprived mothers simply do not feel like they have eight hours to spare every day. If you don’t stay up late making lunches, doing dishes, and going through reams of schoolwork, how will you ever get everything done? Think about how much sleep deprivation costs you. Yes, you could reduce your sleep time to increase your awake time. If you’re a sleep-deprived mother, how enjoyable and productive will your waking hours be? What’s the point if you shorten your sleep simply to feel like a zombie the next day? Mothers must realise that in order to be productive for those 16 hours a day, they must sleep for the other eight.

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