Simple Yet Effective Ways to Boost Brain Power

Earlier, we used to think that the growth and development of the brain were pretty static; studies in science have revealed that it is not valid. The brain is a complex organ that controls and coordinates the functions of various body parts. With adequate training and exercise, you can boost your brainpower, sharpen your memory and enhance your focus and concentration.  


Grow your Vocabulary 

Besides improving your language and communication skills, building vocabulary can also boost your brainpower. Research studies show that some brain areas are correlated with vocabulary acquisition, particularly those important for auditory and visual processing. Henceforth, while reading books, magazines, or newspapers, grab a pen and jot down the unfamiliar words you come across. Later, try to use these words and phrases while structuring sentences.  

Learn New Skills 

Learning a new skill? Sounds stunning, right? If you have always wanted to master a new skill, be it photography, painting, language, cooking, driving, etc., let me add more reasons why you should start learning them right away. In adults,  sustained engagement in learning a new skill improves cognitive functioning and episodic memory( long-term conscious memory of previous experiences.) In a nutshell, learning new skills boost your brainpower.  

  • Think of all that you want to learn 
  • Make a list of them 
  • Start learning each skill step by step 

Teach Others

A research study conducted by Aloysius Wei Lun Koh and his colleagues in Applied Cognitive Psychology talks about how teaching facilitates better knowledge acquisition than re-studying. Once you start learning a skill, start practicing and using it by teaching others how to master it. Teaching is one way to expand your knowledge, improve your memory and boost your brainpower. 

Exercise and Strengthen your Brain 

Exercising improves blood circulation and pumps more oxygen to the brain. By building new neuronal connections in different brain parts, exercising acts as a facilitator for improving brain plasticity. Improved blood flow to the brain results in better functioning of the brain and memory retention.  


Not only kids but also adults face problems in focusing and concentrating. Meditation could solve this problem. It helps the brain to process information in a better way. Moreover, meditation enhances an individual’s cognitive skills by improving the brain’s ability to focus and concentrate. 



Reading is one of the best hobbies that helps a person seek knowledge and improve communication skills. Apart from improvising our language skills, reading also boosts your brainpower. Following listed are the five magical ways in which reading changes our brain:

  • Reading improves our brain connectivity 
  • It improves communication within the brain by creating new white matter.  
  • Reading results in longer attention spans in children 
  • Reading incites feelings of empathy and compassion: While reading a novel or a narrative, individuals tend to visualize themselves in the characters’ shoes, enabling them to experience the sensations they go through. It, in turn, improves their imagination and visualization power. 
  • Reading sharpens one’s memory: Unlike watching movies, reading fiction and non-fiction is involved with increased mental activities, namely visual and auditory processes, comprehension, phonemic awareness, and fluency. As a result, the brain becomes constantly engaged with three chief processes, i.e., think, process, and imagine, which results in sharpening your memory power.  

Listen to Music 

We head out to the gym when we need a workout for the body. But what if your brain needs a workout? Turn on your favorite playlist and listen to some incredible music. Wondering how the magic works? Music acts as a good catalyst for releasing dopamine in the brain, enhancing a person’s mood, sleep quality, memory, and mental alertness by reducing anxiety and blood pressure. Now you know the easiest and effective methods to boost your brainpower.  

The brain is one of the vital body organs. It plays a crucial role in controlling your body movements, your voluntary and involuntary actions, and everything you see, hear, touch, and taste. From recalling things to storing information, the brain is constantly engaged throughout the day, ensuring the smooth functioning of the body. Now you know why fueling your brain with the necessities is essential to keep it young and healthy. 



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