6 best exercises for diabetic patients


Diabetes is a serious health condition that can have adverse impacts on a person. Diabetes, a chronic health issue, cannot be cured entirely, but one can control it with stringent tips and measures. Apart from the prescribed medications, an individual can improve the overall health condition with regular exercise. These can do wonders when it comes to a person who has diabetes. Daily workout routines can bring down your stress levels and maintain balanced sugar levels in the blood, which will refine the quality of your health by lowering the risk of any potential heart attacks or related health issues. According to American Diabetes Association, a diabetic patient must engage in aerobic activity for 150 minutes at the least. Exercise keeps you fit and enhances your overall physical health. Listed below are the six best simple activities are specially chosen for a diabetic patient.  

 1. Walking 

Walking is one of the most effortless physical activities a diabetic patient can do. With no exceptional guidance or equipment required, you can start it right from the corner of your house. With ample space and a couple of shoes to walk, a diabetic patient can schedule a fixed period to practice brisk walking. A diabetic patient should walk 30 minutes at least five times a week. Doing this will lower blood sugar levels and make a person physically more fit. 

2. Swimming

Swimming is a popular aquatic exercise. For all those who love spending time in the water, swimming is an ideal option. A diabetic patient must swim at least three times a week with 10 minutes each to enjoy the optimum results.  This number count is only applicable to a beginner. As days become months, one should gradually increase the duration. Swimming is a much-recommended exercise for all diabetic patients, for it lowers your stress levels, burns up your calories, and relaxes your entire body muscles without putting any pressure on your joints. 

3. Dancing 

Moving your body to the throbbing rhythm of one of your favorite songs sounds exciting. Isn’t it? What if someone told you this could be the ideal remedy to keep your diabetes in check? It is indeed fun and exciting physical activity; dancing is an option many people would sign up for to maintain their blood sugar levels. Perks of choosing dancing as an exercise option include maintaining body weight, improved flexibility, and reduced stress levels.

Moreover, a person’s effort to remember the dance moves and steps can enhance the respective individual’s memory power. Thus, dancing has multiple added benefits apart from improving your health. Having realized the benefits of dancing, many people have been signing up for Zumba classes, a fast-paced workout session blended with aerobic movements and dance. 

4. Yoga 

Practicing yoga will improve the body’s flexibility, strength, and balance, which elevates the uptake of glucose by the muscular cells in the body. Thus, yoga asanas can improve blood circulation in the body by bringing down blood sugar levels. A diabetic patient can reduce the potential risk of getting affected by any cardiovascular diseases with yoga. Surya namaskar is one such highly recommended yoga asana for patients suffering from chronic health conditions like diabetes.  

5. Tai Chi 

Tai Chi is a highly recommended physical activity for a diabetic patient who prefers to engage in a physical activity that requires low impact, slow, deliberate and smooth movements rather than those that cause intense sweating and huffing. The fact mentioned above points to the prime reason that people with difficulty doing abrupt body movements resort to tai chi.  Tai chi is an ancient form of mediation blended with both relaxation and various breathing techniques. A study conducted by the University of Florida states that practicing tai chi program can bring down glucose levels in the blood. This exercise has other added benefits like improved concentration, focus, positivity, and higher energetic levels. 

5. Cycling 

Cycling is an ideal choice to get started with your fitness journey, especially for a diabetic patient. Cycling improves the movement of muscles in the lower limbs. Improved muscle mass in the lower limbs will eventually activate glucose consumption by increasing the number of insulin receptors in the body, which helps maintain the glucose levels in the blood. 


While getting started with a new exercise routine, diabetic patients are highly recommended to seek an experienced doctor’s advice. They will play a crucial role in scheduling your fitness journey by filtering out the appropriate set of exercises and the safety measures according to your health condition. If not, you may end up getting physical injuries and unusual problems. So, these are our favourite exercise for diabetic patients do let us your view in the comment section below.

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