Why do some people want to be alone? 7 reasons to know.

Have you ever questioned why some people want to be alone? In 1910, famous theorist Carl Gustav Jung introduced the concept of personality traits, introversion, and extroversion. An introvert is a term used to address someone who prefers to enjoy one’s own company rather than interacting with others. People who possess this personality type are generally shy, reserved, and takes time to align with various social situations in life.  While extroverts are way different from introverts. They are often considered as garrulous, enthusiastic, and enjoy spending time with others. They prefer to attend social gatherings than sitting back at home all aloof. 


Extroverts generally don’t spend much time alone. They can either be seen roaming around with friends and family or being engaged in a social activity. They find it rather boring to do something on their own. They discuss their problems with friends, family, or close relatives to come up with solutions. On the contrary, introverts prefer to sort out things in their ways. This being one of the reasons why some people want to be alone.

7 reasons why some people want to be alone:

1. Personality beyond extroversion & introversion 

But can we make a true behavioral judgment based on a mere personality type coined by a theorist? Introversion and extroversion are only identified as personality traits based on which one can filter out basic human nature. People differ a lot from one another.


As days become years people change due to end number of factors like barriers they overcome, emotional breakdowns they face, or even unfortunate incidents they may have come across. Some people who would have been an extrovert at some point in their life may turn out to be a contemplative and reserved person later or vice vera. It is various situations and circumstances in life that mould up a person to whom he or she is now.  

2. I need some space 

Have you ever wondered why people want to be alone or wish to spend time alone? There are plenty of reasons out there. But it is also understandable to not know the reason why we want to be alone. All we would know would be the most common phrase that we use in our daily lives, ‘I need some space’. This is quite normal because knowing and understanding oneself wholly is one of the most difficult things in life. 

3. Varied reasons to stay alone 

But in general, people possess an intense desire to stay away from others and spend some time alone. To some, it may be because they feel more productive and happier all by themselves. To others, it may be due to emotional breakdowns say like the death of a person, a break-up, or failures in life. In such situations, being alone will help them to reorganize their thoughts and reconnect with life. This can be one of the major reasons why some people want to be alone. But there are cases where this may lead to loneliness and eventually depression. But being alone can be healthy if it keeps the person sane, peaceful, and happy.  


4. Me Time 

Why do some people want to be alone? 7 reasons to know.

Who wouldn’t like to spend time doing something they love? ‘Me time’ is another keyword that we usually refer, to get engaged with activities that excite us. It can be anything like watching a movie, reading a book, mastering a skill, painting, traveling, shopping, cycling, working out, learning a new language, a morning walk, meditating, etc to name a few. Having this personal time is an integral part of one’s mental health. If one is deprived of this personal time, the individual may feel exhausted and frustrated after a while. So, in order to avoid this, one must recharge their spirit by getting involved in something that would rejuvenate them. 

5. Break after an unfortunate incident 

People often misunderstand when others express their yearning to spend some time alone or if people want to be alone. As mentioned earlier, staying alone shouldn’t always be associated with depression. At times, solitude indicates security. Not just yours alone, but of those around you as well. This can either be a break from the hustle and bustle of one’s busy life schedule or simply because one wants to.

Tragic incidents may happen in our life. They are unexpected and uncertain. Death of a person is inevitable. Break ups are usual. But this can tear apart a person’s heart. Having experienced any such feeling will urge you with the need to be alone. Healing a broken heart takes time.  A solo trip, or isolating oneself from the judgemental society to attain tranquillity can restore one’s emotional well-being.  


6. All alone, but not lonely  

There still exists an ample per cent of population who wants to stay away from the society. Exceptions do exist. They might enjoy spending time with either their friends or family. But mostly they prefer to spend their time alone. There needn’t be any particular reason for this. They were either born like this or some circumstances in life may have turned them out to be like this. Such individuals may not find people trustworthy or they believe that happiness must come from within and not because of the presence of a person.

Some people out there can’t get acquainted with the stereotypes and the way people judge one another based on the same. So, they find it far better to remain positive rather than instilling their minds with negativity by engaging in a conversation with others. In a way they feel more productive and happier all by themselves. 


7. Prioritise happiness  

Happiness is the most important thing in life. No matter what we do, if we are not happy, there is no meaning in life. Happiness can’t be defined with words. It is the feeling that one experiences when they follow their passion or do things that they love. Some people equate happiness with great accomplishments while some others find happiness in trivial things. Humankind is unique and so are their preferences and choices. Just like the way we can’t measure happiness, one shouldn’t judge the reasons that make a person happy, even if it may be something trivial as spending time alone. 


Why do some people want to be alone? 7 reasons to know.

Despite judging a person’s reason to stay alone, let’s respect and accept the fact that it is quite normal to do so. It’s high time that we normalize this act. Prioritize yourself before anything, because you are the main character in your story, and take a break when you want to.   

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