5 healthiest chapati to lose weight faster


Chapati is an inevitable part of the Indian diet. Being cooked on a stovetop with no tinge of oil and considering the high degree of easiness to cook this meal, chapati is a dish that slides into the dinner cuisine of an ample number of Indian houses.  

Nutritional benefit

Is it healthy to eat chapati every day? Moreover, for people who struggle to keep their weight afloat, is it a calorie-friendly diet? These are a few questions that we constantly ponder upon. A food source, power-packed with energy, the inclusion of chapati not only facilitates the process of digestion but is also addressed as the powerhouse of nutrients. 

Calorie friendly chapatis over the regular chapatis 

Being an energy giving food source, eating chapati daily can increase the carb intake. A single serving of the regular chapatis made out of wheat or seldom refined flour can add up to 110 calories. This cannot be counted as calorie-friendly. This points to the prime reason why one must consciously make an effort to make the right choice while preparing a diet plan. 

Not ready to give up on chapati, but still concerned about losing weight faster? Take a close look to get a deep insight into the various types of healthy chapatis that can be cooked in a period without compromising on the taste. 

1. Ragi Roti 

Ragi, otherwise known as finger millet is a nutritious millet that contains a natural weight loss agent, the amino acid named methionine. Being widely used by South Indians, it is often referred to as the wonder grain for weight loss. Apart from being weight loss friendly, it offers various other nutritional benefits from being a good food source for antiaging to boosting hair growth.

Unlike other grains, ragi cannot be polished and refined much due to the relatively smaller size. Therefore, it offers an added benefit to be consumed in its purest form. Having high fiber content, consuming ragi rotis is highly preferred by dieticians to enhance digestion. 

2. Bajra Roti

Tired of eating wheat rotis all the time? Switch to bajra rotis for a change. Highly rich in magnesium, iron, calcium, and zinc, bajra rotis helps you seek all the necessary vitamins to keep going in the long run. It has a brown-grey colour with a nutty flavour. One can blend it with other flours to smoothen its texture. Being gluten-free and fiber-rich, incorporating bajra rotis in the diet plan is a good choice for those who look forward to losing weight without compromising on any nutritional benefits.

3. Oats Roti

oats chapati

Ditch your regular wheat rotis for a while to keep your body shape guarded. Substitute your dinner or breakfasts with servings of oat rotis to promote weight loss and soak up the necessary nutrients simultaneously.  Oats offer a well-balanced nutritional composition with adequate quantities of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Another fascinating fact about this whole grain is the science behind its weight-loss-promoting parameter. 

Oats, being rich in beta-glucan, enhance the production of a hormone named peptide. This in turn helps to delay the usual time it takes to empty the stomach and thereby increases the feeling of fullness. These satiety hormones eventually help to reduce the calorie intake and can hence keep the weight in control.   

4. Jowar Roti

Acknowledged as one of the top five grains in the world, rotis made out of jowar has innumerable benefits and is very popular in states like Gujarat and Maharashtra. People have started to include jowar rotis in their diet, taking into account the health benefits it offers. 

Being gluten-free it is considered an alternative for the regular wheat rotis.  In addition to this, being rich in fiber makes it an excellent choice to improve digestion. 

5. Besan Roti

besan roti

Besan flour, otherwise known as chickpea flour or garbanzo flour is an excellent alternative for regular wheat flour. Studies have proved that replacing chickpea flour with wheat flour can point to relatively twenty-five percent less calorie intake with no change made to the servings on the plate.

Another interesting thought on the certainty behind weight loss management relates to the underlying factor that consumption of besan rotis can regulate the hunger hormone ghrelin and thereby increase the feeling of fullness. 


Chapatis made out of the aforementioned flours, namely besan, jowar, ragi, bajra, and oats are far healthier than wheat chapatis, for they are gluten-free and improve digestion as well.

Switching to a healthier diet by keeping in check, weight loss can be made much easier by incorporating the aforesaid rotis in your diet plan. Satisfy your appetite by following healthier food habits. 

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