6 Parenting tips to keep your child engaged at home


Spending days at home in a productive way can be challenging at times. What do your kids do when they don’t go to school? How do they spend their time when it’s summer break? Any random day distinct from your daily routine can be puzzling. With the sudden onset of summer holidays or winter break, your kids would roam around the house wondering what to do. What are the effective methods to keep them engaged during such days? Listed down are few ways for all parents to spend their time doing various activities with kids

1. Gardening 

Spend a day out with nature. Teach them the elementary steps to plant vegetables and flowers. You will see how excited they will be to observe the growing stages of the plant. As the vegetables ripe, cook delicious meals for your kids. Let them favor the delicacy of organic food. Gardening and embracing the beauty of nature is one fruitful way to keep your child engaged at home. 

2. Puzzle-solving 


Introduce your children to various puzzle-solving games like brain teasers, sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, math riddles, cross number puzzle. Puzzle-solving is a fun and entertaining way to keep your children engaged at home. Apart from keeping them busy, it’s a learning opportunity to enhance their math-solving ability, critical thinking, and logical reasoning skills. Moreover, solving puzzles is an effective way to boost a child’s memory and heighten their patience. 

3. Art and craft 

Buy them different craft materials to create art. It could be paint, scrapbook, bullet journal, color pencils, macramé, embroidery threads, or any other useful artistic materials. Encourage them to showcase their creativity. Parents can spend some quality time by doing various activities with kids, and creating art is a highly recommended choice among them. 

4. Teach them life skills 

Are you struggling to manage your household chores with the office work? Let your children be a helping hand. Teach your kids the basic life skills they will need in the future. Cooking, dishwashing, cleaning, washing laundry, listing down the grocery list, gardening and stitching are a few such useful life skills.

Dividing the household chores and letting your kids manage the domestic work will be a suitable way to keep them engaged. 

5. Use online media to their advantage 


With the advancement of social media, the platforms are many for the kids to showcase their talents. For instance, start a YouTube channel, where they can upload their performances. It could be the kids singing, speaking about various subject matters, study vlogs, unboxing videos, dance videos, craft tutorials, cooking, etc. Opportunities, the online media put forwards are many. If guided in the right way, they could also consider it as a source of passive income.

Apart from that, your kids will also learn the basics of videography, video editing, camera angles, lighting techniques, and managing social media platforms. There are instances where children end up getting addicted to social media platforms and electronic gadgets. It will increase their screen time and isn’t good for their health. Therefore, make sure that your kids consume and utilize online media to their advantage. If used in the right way, online media platforms could be considered as one source to keep the kids engaged at home.  

6. Inculcate the habit of reading 

Encourage your kids to read during their free hours. Instead of preaching to them to read, practice reading in front of them. Gradually they will pick up the reading habit. Reading newspapers will help them updated with current affairs while reading short stories and novels will improve their imagination and visualization power.  


With the commence of the lockdown, it has been very difficult for parents as well as children to cope up with the new normal. Working parents have to keep a check on their kids, manage household chores and work at the same time. While students will find online classes tiring and exhausting. To avoid all possible instances of lifelessness, plan your days and schedule various activities with kids to keep them engaged at home.  

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