Ways to help your child become more independent


Becoming independent in life is not an instantaneous process. It’s a time-consuming procedure which persuades an individual to learn from their mistakes. A person who has never made any mistake has never tried anything new in life. Therefore, give your children a platform to experiment with everything they are curious about. Encourage them to master various life skills they require in life. This way, help your child become independent in life. 

1. Tell them why 

Before anything, tell your children why it’s important to become independent. Realizing the significance of independence will ignite their young minds to work towards achieving it. It could be financial independence or mastering life skills like cooking, cleaning, decision-making, organizing, and other domestic skills. On acknowledging the perks of living an independent life, the spark will drive your children forward. 

2. Prioritize their targets 

As your kids start mastering new skills, help them schedule their day and prioritize their daily tasks. It will enhance their organizational skills. With improved efficiency in time management, your kids will hit their targets for the day without seeking help from others. Despite helping your child become independent, prioritization of work will reduce the tendency to procrastinate and evoke a sense of satisfaction and gratitude.  

3. Educate them 


Holistic education is a necessity to teach your kids moral values, disciplinary standards, and basic knowledge about the world they live in. Giving them exposure to the various disciplines of study and extra-curricular activities will help them identify their areas of interest, and hence they could take it forward for further contemplation and research. It not only facilitates the ideation of what they want to do but also safeguards their future. A high-quality education brings in a plethora of opportunities for tracing a good career path and a promising career, in turn, invites financial independence.  

4. Appreciate their efforts 

When your kids showcase their talent or effort in doing something, take a moment to express how happy you are for them. Pat them on their shoulder, gift them their favorite chocolate, cook them something delicious, or praise them orally. Despite the way, you chose to appreciate, ensure that you acknowledge the effort they put in. Constant support, motivation, and words of encouragement will boost their young minds to push themselves more and achieve more.  Appreciation is a crucial factor that every parent must practice to potentially persuade children to explore their capabilities and hidden potential. Remember that, by doing so, you are helping your children take one step closer to experience the taste of living an independent life. 

5. Give them time 

Unlike adults, kids need time to master each skill. Do not urge them to complete a task. Instead, give them enough time and space to complete the assigned tasks at their own pace. Persuading your child to meet the deadlines can stress them out. If they require more time, let them take all the time they want to work on the tasks they are assigned with. Gradually, they will pick up the pace, and this will help your child become independent.  

6. Give them responsibilities 

Parents must guide their children to take responsibilities they can handle. For instance, ask them to pack their school bags a day before going to school, to make a list of things to buy while going to the grocery shop, clean their room and make their bed, do their home works and assignments. A child becomes independent from the small things they do. Mastering these life skills early in life will help them stand on their legs. 


Life isn’t all about happiness and joy. There will be a time where one has to face many challenges and problems. In situations like these, they must be capable of making rational decisions and execute them with utmost efficiency. A child will be proficient to handle such circumstances when they are trained for it from a very young age. This is what the phrase, “to become independent” truly encompasses. 

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