Make your child feel more loved through these everyday practices.


Spending time with your children is extremely important. Even though parents are well aware of this fact, they are often baffled about spending time. Worry not. This article suggests your ways and tips spend more quality time with your child. 

1. Listen to them

How do you build your relationship with your friends and colleagues? Communication is the key to developing a good bond with others. Similarly, spend time talking to your children and ensure that you listen to what they have to express. Listening to their thoughts and opinions is one way of respecting their ideologies and notions.

This way, they feel acknowledged and develop the desire to enhance the bond with their parent. Interpersonal communication isn’t a one-way process. Here, the communication process becomes complete when the decoder, i.e., the listener, decodes the message and gives instant feedback to the message conveyed if any. Being a good listener is a part of a good parenting tip to make the child feel loved and hence a million dollar everyday practices.

2. Express love 

Loving your children is essential to make them feel secure, warm, and safe. But how do you express your love to your child? Many parents love and care for their children, but they struggle to express these emotions. Hold your children close to you and tell them how much you love them. Kiss them on their chubby cheeks and hug them tight. These are simple yet effective gestures to make your child feel loved

3. Have meals together

Eating meals together seems like an effortless task. But busy work and life schedules can keep this from being effectuated. Despite how occupied you are, always remember to dine with your kids and partner. Dinner is probably the best time for your family members to share how fun or dry their day was and how happy or sad they are. Spending time together with your kids while having dinner can be made into memorable everyday practices

4. Celebrate their achievements 

Congratulate your kids on their success and celebrate their accomplishments. Throw a party on their birthday and invite their friends and classmates’ home to make their day memorable and meaningful. If your kids achieve any special rewards for their success, gift them presents to acknowledge their victory. Your kids will be grateful upon realizing how happy you are for their achievements. 

5. Plan bedtime rituals


Plan a to-do list for the day. Upon finishing all chores for the day, schedule some time before bedtime to reward yourself for accomplishing all the tasks. Read a book with your kids, play indoor games like chess or monopoly, or tell bedtime stories to your kids. Choose one such bedtime ritual and turn it into one of the everyday practices to make your child feel special. 

6. Seek help 

Just like the way you seek help from your partner, ask your kids to lend their helping hand to complete your household chores. This way, you turn an opportunity to spend time with your children into a platform to teach them basic life skills. Assign them simple and easy duties like cleaning the trash can, setting the dinner table, placing the vegetables in the refrigerator, washing the dishes, folding the clothes, etc.

Upon asking for help from your children, you allow them to validate their potential and acknowledge their ability to complete a piece of work. It will develop a sense of accomplishment with them. At the same time, you help are helping your kids to build their self-esteem. These is are very essential everyday practices. Realizations about your concerns in shaping your kid into a responsible individual will make your child feel loved. 

7. Plan day outs 

After a tiring busy week, your kids will feel pretty much exhausted and weary. Before letting them express how worn out they are, plan out weekend outings and take them out for a field trip. Small tours like these will make them refreshed and rejuvenated. 



Kids favor affection and love from their parents. The need to love your children is essential, for it enhances the cognitive development of the child. Set aside your time to engage in different activities and make your child feel loved through your everyday practices.

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