Parenting and different types of parenting styles


The act of raising a child is known as Parenting. Good Parenting invites the building up of a good relationship between the parent and the child. The parenting styles followed differ from one parent to the other. Despite the type followed, parents are responsible for upbringing the child with characteristic traits like self-independence, loyalty, honesty, discipline, responsibility, and non-judgemental behavior, to name a few. 

Different types of parenting styles

Parenting style is an umbrella term used to refer to the set of strategies used by each parent to raise their children. The work of Diane Baumrind gives reference to four such parenting styles. They include: 

  • Authoritative 
  • Uninvolved 
  • Permissive or indulgent 
  • Authoritarian or Disciplinarian. 

Differences in discipline style, communication, and nurturance gave birth to the parenting styles mentioned above. 

1. Authoritative Parenting 

parenting styles

Authoritative Parenting is the most reasonable and beneficial parenting style to children. In this parenting style, parents mention the rules along with the reasons as to why they are essential. Authoritative parents communicate with their kids with warmth and understanding.

They keep the communication lines open for the children to express their concerns. Parents put forths their expectations and goals by enforcing boundaries and limits. Such parents are nurturing in nature and are highly responsive to the needs and aspirations of the child. 

2. Uninvolved Parenting 

As the name suggests, parents who follow this parenting style are least concerned about disciplining their kids. They hardly get in the way of their children. Some parents deliberately pursue this style and let their children experience all the freedom they want in life. In contrast, few others are either unaware of the disciplinary methods or are simply disinterested in doing so. Low-key communication is another characteristic feature of this parenting style. Neither do the parents provide nurturing nor do they set high expectations from the child. 

3. Permissive Parenting

parenting styles

Permissive Parenting or Indulgent Parenting is a style associated with a friend-like relationship between the parent and the child. In this relationship, the communication lines are kept open and transparent. Parents give their children the autonomy to decide and solve problems for themselves.

Moreover, this parenting does not follow a strict parenting style, and they do not specify any particular rules and regulations to follow. A parenting style characterized by low demands, low expectations, and high responsiveness is filled with warmth, love, care, and nurturing. The parent-child relationship in permissive Parenting progresses just like how individuals build and foster their relationship and bond with a friend. 

4. Authoritarian Parenting 

Authoritarian Parenting follows a rigorous and disciplinary method. Children are encouraged to follow the rules blindly. Parents favor high expectations from the child. There is n room for discussion or negotiation. Communication is a one-way process in Authoritarian Parenting, which leaves the child with no other choice but to get along with the instructions given.

Parents focus on obedience, control, directing, and instructing the child what to do and what not to do. Obedience remains the highlight of this parenting style. Children born to authoritarian parents aren’t encouraged to make mistakes. Constant punishments, when made a mistake, are a companion of authoritarian parenting. 

Consider a situation where a child talks back to the parent, asking, why should I do this or what benefits do I reap from engaging in this activity. Authoritarian parent’s response to this would be cold, for they expect their children to listen and not question their authority. As they favor little responsiveness, parents will warn children to obey without stating why. 

In recent times, many other parenting styles keep arising. Helicopter parenting and free-range Parenting are two such new parenting styles. 


Parents may or may not strictly fall into the parenting styles mentioned above. Some parents are purely authoritarian, but you may also come across strict parents who are nurturing in nature. If you are a parent who is confused about what parenting styles to follow, it is highly advisable to blend in different Parenting styles rather than sticking to one specific method. At times you may have to use strict disciplinary procedures, while there will also be circumstances where you have to talk and interact with your child just like a friend.

It’s easier for both parents to follow the same parenting style. Still, studies suggest that Parenting will be more effective and impactful when respective parents follow different parenting styles to discipline the child. Before implementing your preferred style of Parenting, check with your partner and children. Make sure the style you follow is the apt one for your children, and in the upcoming years, if you feel the need to change the way you follow, do execute them with utmost attention and care.

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